Cammy Streamers



Figured it’d be a nice to compile some twitch channels for people to follow. With all the streamers, it doesn’t seem like many YouTube channels are regularly uploading replays these days. Anyway, here’s what I put together.

Pro and Higher Ranking Tournament Players
Kbrad -
Verloren -
Poongko -
Cobelcog -
Alex Meyers -
Juicebox -

Diamond Online Warriors / Tournament Players
Beni_Best -
Ramma -
Danslip -

Pro7otype -

Delta Squad
Gunshot -
Affinity -
gwizard -
Riceboy -
Psylocke -
RaionX -

If you know of any regular streamers or you wanna add your stream to the list, just post it.


I really like Beni’s and Cobelcog’s play. Poogko not so much. Also K-Brad will be streaming soon… no I’m serious he said so :smiley:


Doesn’t Kazunoko sometimes stream on godsgarden youtube channel?
When he’s on he mainly streams Revelator though, have to really dig in the archives to find gameplay of him playing Cammy.

Unsure how much you’ll get out of this channel as a Cammy player though.


I would definitely watch kbrads stream. That guy is hilarious

Juicebox plays Cammy a lot and personally I think he has the best SFV stream cause he actually teaches people shit.

Will add a link later once I get home.


Hey, I’m almost to Platinum! I’ll let you know when I’m there. :slight_smile:


I’m going to be streaming more after Vegas. I’m super Platinum.


I’m Platinum now :slight_smile:


Congrats. I still try to avoid rank.


Just built PC and will be streaming Cammy stuff…soon.