So I started practicing this team Cammy/Strider/Tron. Found some interesting stuff with Cammy/Strider-y.

First, in the corner you can do anywhere from 60-80% life with them.

launch + strider, sj. lk, sj. hk, bird hits, then either:

a)qcb k, cr. lk, st. hk, then mixup.
b)qcf k xx kba for quick 65% life.
c)sj. lk, then mixup from there.

Also in the corner, you can do punch throw + strider, sj. hk xx qcf hk xx kba for BIG LIFE. The timing it sort of strict, but after a bit of practice you can get this down. If not then you can mixup from that as well.

If the bird hits midscreen and you’re near them, you can sj. lk, sj. mp xx qcf hk xx kba for good life. Also you can set up throw/airthrow/hooligan off of a bird hit midscreen. Also there is this good life midscreen combo as well.

launch + Strider, sj. lk, sj. mp, sj. fp, bird hits, qcf hk xx kba for good life.

More a lil later.

Sounds pretty interesting. Could be a really good low tier team if the chemistry between cammy and strider is really that hot, considering cammy/tron and strider/tron.

The corner combos sound cool but impractical. You could do same amount of damage with much less effort by just doing a standard ground chain + Tron into her bread and butter air combo. Cammy also uses a lot of meter so I don’t know how well she’d work with Strider.

I don’t know. I think they can be helpful in some situations, like if for some reason you lose tron.

The thing about Cammy/Strider/Tron, or well at least how I play it, is Cammy pretty much doesn’t use the meter unless it’s a surefire kill, or to just build two meters and hitting the following combo:

cr. lk + tron, cr. mp, tron hits, cr. lk, cr. mp, st. fp xx SDS xx DHC to orbs before Cammy does the cannon spike part. This really does good life. Also, this is a great way to get Strider in.

Also, allbeit a minor one, all the kba combos done with Strider-y do more damage than the ones with Tron. Like I said, it’s a very minor one, because it is just about 3-4 points more with them, but sometimes it’s those minor points that can win and lose a match at times.

Of course it would be easier to do stuff with tron to get easier damage, and nor is the stuff that I posted should replace the sheer ease of Cammy/Tron, also, I think that it helps when you do explore more things about the teams and the parts of the team that usually are overlooked. I think that will make the team better in the long run.

Also a minor tidbit, If you are in cross under distance with Cammy on a normal jumping opponent, you can call Strider, and then cross under. If they are doing anything, the bird will hit them, then you get a free sj. combo. If they block, then you can just mixup when they get back to the ground. I will test this more on what to do against certain assists later today.