Cammy: te stick or d-pad?



which would be better?


Stick for Street Fighter, period.


Even for cammy? Hmm prices for them? Idealy a custom one with a cammy picture on it


Hah that’s what I’m getting! A custom Cammy stick! I currently use a normal 360 controller, and I’m just starting to feel okay about that. I’d go for stick.


Im getting the hang of using a stick but I’m still better on a pad, at the moment they both have their pros and cons for me, I can FADC much easier on a pad, but can TK Cannon Strike better on a stick. My reactions are slower on a stick too but I guess that comes with time and practice, I’m new to using a stick.


i got a stick last week. i’m getting laughing at with my horrible play.


Suprising negative feedback lol. I was expecting this " omfg get a te stick it is so l33t it makes my shoto ryu so l33t buy now you n00b!"


i use pad myself…i guess its ‘newbish’ but i play for fun and dont plan to get hardcore into tourneys…kudos to stick users though.


Whatever you’ve practiced with is better, obviously. Though ultimately, being practiced with a stick will be more practical and versatile than being practiced with controller in the long run.


i really like the corners on my TE for the quick Cannon Strike.


I play with the default 360 controller and use the analog thumbsticks. Just can’t use the dpad.


The stick definitely. FADC takes practice, but once you get used to the stick, you’ll never go back. Being able to do TK CS whenever you want definitely helps.


i just went 5-5 on G1 with stick. missed CS --> FADC --> CS lost the couple games.

and i can’t no longer do CS --> FADC (back) --> Ultra anymore with stick haha. i’m always too slow on the ultra. And i have slower reaction time with stick. i guess i will need more practice.


I can’t even imagine trying to instant cannon strike with a pad.

That shit would be hard, wow.


I use the analog for the tiger knee motion.


it is hard i can only pull on the ex tiger knee spike version with d pad nothin else


I got a stick 2 weeks ago, I am now awful. I assume it’ll be even harder to go from pad to stick considering I just went from analog to stick.


I use a 360 controller and the analog stick. Can’t really bring myself to drop the money on a fightstick even if I could find one.


I had a serious learning curve to the stick, but now I cannot think about playing properly on the pad.


I’m currently using the 360 controller and i don’t find it to hard to pull off the instant air CS i kinda figured it like doing Guile’s or Vega’s ultra’s just a bit different.

Quick question where do you guys go to get these custom sticks cuz i want one. Got to used to the stick when i was playing CvS2.