Cammy teacher on PSN

Im looking for someone to teach me the ins and outs of cammy. I have been practicing a lot with her and she is the character i have the best chemistry with in the roster. She is quick and she just makes sense to me. I don’t know exactly what i need help with but i know i just need help. I live on the east coast in NC, USA. Help a Cammy out =D

I play on pad right now, i know i should invest in a stick but right now i can’t do it though i know i can still improve.

… Im terrible at teaching. I think I am decent though. Look me up I guess., Ultimatekaos. Dallas,Tx

I can help train you but tbh I don’t think I’ll have time to be giving out lessons like a teacher or something.

First things first though, before me or anybody plays you, make sure you can do all 24 trials for Cammy, as well as have general knowledge of her combos and bnbs. You can get a list of them from the combo thread, or just by watching some good players play Cammy. Finally, you need to have at least 50-75% TKCS execution minimum. Any less and you’re going to be lacking in the pressure department.

Once you get all of those things down, then you can play people and they’d be able to give you better advice than just “keep practicing.”

I have about a 80% TKCS but i cant spam them from other side of the screen, my thumb just cant do it that much. Most i have been able to do in a row is like 8 but even then its a pain. I guess i should work on the trials, i never really tried them but i think i am missing a couple. THANKS FOR THE RETURNS!!!

Some trials you won’t really need to worry about unless you wanna be super pro at 1 frame links like cl.lp,, xx SA

I JUST FINISHED ALL THE TRIALS >.<!! I DIDNT THINK I COULD DO IT >.< i just got the title that says Blonde Arrow to prove it too >.> !!! i am so excited!!! i feel accomplished >.< and on a controller =P EDIT: And her delta red flag thing icon too~

hey add me im a bit new aswell we can play up together if you ever feel like it

agreed, who does tkcs c.fp lol

For starting out? I don’t recommend doing that until the rest of your game catches up.

Yeah well i doubt i can do 1 frame links any time soon…,

BTW Geoff Your youtube grief videos are hillarious

<3 Much appreciated!

Don’t worry about those 1 frame links though, ton of Cammys (including me) get by on our level just fine without relying on them.

I think i need most help with hitconfirming, zoning, Block strings and things like that. How to get in on turtles, projectile happy people, Zangeif…

EDIT: Im just giving suggestions @.@ idk what i really need help with… just posted the most confusing and frustrating (zangeif) things i
could think of

That was my point, its one of her trials and its useless…if u tkcs u can just do cr.fp SA or cl.fp HK SA, no need for the HK

It’s not about learning combos from the trials, it’s about practicing general execution.

Oh, I thought you were being facetious. :slight_smile:

I have practiced combo’s like:
B&B , C.lp > XX HSA
c.lp , c.lp > xx HSA
C.Fp > xx HSA
C.Fp > xx HSA

Cannon Spike > FADC > Cannon Spike > FADCB > Ultra I
C.fp > Cannon Spike >> (above)
EX TKCS > Ultra

TKCS > Super
Hooligan Combo xx Super

i know i am missing some other ones too

Double Post >.< sry >.<;;;; , cr.MP xx HSA

100 TKCS in a row.

Its so hard to do 100 TKCS in a row
i can get like 11 but i mess up eventually. Idk… its so much easier to misdirection on the pad cause its just that flat surface and stuff… i play with the ball of my thumb too.
But i have , cr.MP xx HSA down pat.

BTW how does one do option-selects and what are cammys?