cammy team



i recently been trying to play with cammy
and i was wondering wat team would be good for cammy…

im currently using cammy/sent/cyclop


that team is a decent team.

one thing that u have to ask ur self is how do u want to play cammy.

do u want to use her on point. or use her as a 3rd chracter and use her assist to help out ur other two characters.

if u want to use her on point try cammy/storm/tron

ur team is good but if u take out cammy and put in storm or cable that new team will always be better. so picking ur team is like picking a weaker version of the team on purpose.

Some ppl like playing low tiers but the way i look at cammy, she is an assist character and is best at 3rd. but unlike ur average anti-air assist team if she ever gets sanped in on point she can take care of her self. so in other words she brings more to the team as a 3rd character then on point.