Cammy: The BEST around!

(nothing’s gonna ever bring her down!)
After getting home from Next Level last night, one of my friends from our local community makes a post on FB stating that Cammy is #1 in 2012. I was the first to reply saying no she’s not and that just hours ago that same guy disagreed with that statement and said it was Ryu was #1. Several other guys from the community seem to agree with him, and I refuse to believe (for now) that she is in fact the best character in the game.

I could have just posted this in the Viability thread but I wanted this to be specifically about whether or not Cammy is the best character in the game. So, is she really #1? Why or why not? Who really is?

And if she is, I want Alioune to win EVERY TOURNAMENT IN EXISTENCE TO PROVE IT :rock:

I don’t think Cammy is the best in the game. She is definately up there but not the best.

Cammy need to get in to open up her true potential and this can be difficult against certain characters especially without meter. Also a lot of her moves r punishable on block and require meter or great reads to be safe.

I can see why that guy would think that she is the best since once she gets in she is a powerhouse but nah she aint the best.

Best character in the game I feel is either Viper of Seth both of which these characters outmatch Cammy in almost every area IMO

This is silly. Its tough to put Cammy above Ryu Akuma Sagat or Seth.

Tokido put top 4 as Seth, Akuma, Cammy and Fei (no particular order) in his most recent interview.
It would be hard to call her at #1 ahead of Seth though.

Ryu isn’t Top 3 or better than Cammy, lets be real the only reason people say Ryu is top tier is because of Daigo, that’s it. He’s def Top 10 but he’s not better than Viper, Seth, Akuma, Cammy, Makoto (it was silly how much people slept on her when some Maks prefer her in 2k12 and all the characters above her were nerfed, guess Haitani woke people the fuck up)

Don’t listen to what other people say David!