Cammy: The Revelation



So here I am, Just coming back to the game from about 7 months of not playing it. I wanted to play a new character. Everyone picks up Ken, and I was getting rap for playing Juri with my friends. So, I look to Cammy. A character I hated when I played SFII by myself, and one I’ve never played.

I came here looking for strategies, tips, etc etc, the whole Street Fighter deal. I learned Cammy was a rushdown character, and she’s gotta be up close, mixing up her offense, keeping the opponent on their toes, otherwise she’s pretty much dead.

It just never clicked. I play and play, all day, sometimes all night, and I have drastically improved, but It just never clicked. I lost almost all of my games tonight, just like every other night. I started to hate Cammy, and couldn’t understand how anyone could do good with her. Maybe it was my confidence? Expecting to lose every fight, not even knowing who the opponent picked yet?

Frustrated, and ready to just give up on Cammy, the revelation came. I’ve gotten myself into my opponent’s face before, and I’m not bad at mixing up the offense, I just would still get pounded on every time. But not this time.

I started saying to myself how I was, “Gonna get in your space.” My opponent picked Sagat, I didn’t care. I just kept saying how I was going to get in his space, take his space, claim it for myself. And then I found my comfort zone. Right next to him. The confidence came, and I kept going on about how each person I fought, I was just going to steal their space, and keep it, not let them have it, etc etc. Maybe I was going crazy, but it worked.

4 Sagats, a Gouken, Ken, an opponent Cammy, with only one loss to a Dudley, put me back onto my toes, and ready to play Cammy again.

I’m gonna get in your space.


not if i get there first


And then you get a series of 3 Guile, one lagging Honda, a Bison and one more Guile, and you wonder why you even bother with this game.

Then you get a second revelation: Offline play is awesome.


I would believe you have to play Cammy differently based on your opponents’ style. You just have to break that wall of getting in close and then you go crazy, trying to do as much damage as you can.

But yeah, maybe you’re losing your matches online because the defending player has the advantage. They just have to wait for you to mess up.

Ah well. Have fun I guess.


Every time i go against a Guile player, Cammy’s overall strategy just seems to make sense. If you are holding back more instead forward on the stick playing against Guile, you will lose. Invade that space. Don’t block unless you think he’s gonna flash kick or backfist you twice.


In regards to the dudley matchup–footsie him out. You don’t want his space, you want him to feel like he wants your space and you never let him have it. Then blow up on him, then get the fuck out. Cannon spike beats all of his jump ins, stand roundhouse tip range beats all his normals, stand medium kick and medium punch wreck his shit. Just don’t stand fierce, that move gets eaten. Aim for cross up dive kicks over his back shoulder, you’ll straight stuff any wake-up jet upper and his cross counter frequently whiffs if you space it right.

If he goes to dash or duck in, low forward > drill.


Thanks for all the tips guys. Obviously, I’m not going to win every single match against my opponent by executing the same offensive strategy every game. It’s be impossible to win different matchups and players the same way every time. When I posted I just felt so hyped I finally found something that started working. By next road from here is working on that, adding to that strategy, and building it up and up with different game mechanics, and abilities.

I only know basic combos, but I’m glad I found somewhere to start with learning how to play her. There’s only so much videos and reading can teach you without actually executing and practicing what you learn.


I liked reading your little piece. It made me remember how things sometimes just ‘clicked’ for me as well. Street Fighter is about ‘space’ and the space you can get from your opponent. So, if that state of mind helps you: by all means!


Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it.