Cammy the turtle

We all know that Cammy is a rush down offensive character. But one question has always been in the back of my mind - how good is Cammy if played as a turtle character?

Bad, I don’t think she has the tools to make an effective turtle.

She doesn’t? Right now she has one of the best DPs in the game. Her backdash is fast. Her MK has helped me keep away Giefs when I have a life lead and little time left. She’s not terrible at turtling. Maybe not the best, but surely not worse.

I get bad results when i decide to turtle with cammy

Turtling works well in mirror matches!

(Although I don’t like to do it)

I HATE Fighting cammy… omg i hate hate hate playing against her… (funny huh… lol?)

well, i tend to turtle against balrog… :bgrin: (an eye for an eye!)

To me effective turtling is pretty much blocking and using either normals or specials to stuff at least half of whats coming at you. She does have a good DP, unfortunately since its so unsafe like all of her specials it can be baited easily, plus that only helps against someone stupid enough to keep jumping at you. Her normals are largely nothing to write home about and this is the big problem, this leaves coming in along the ground wide open for a good chunk of the cast if your trying to turtle, especially since she has nothing to really zone with.

Can she turtle? Yes she can, for a time anyways. Can she pull a Guile to use an example and keep doing it? Maybe but most of the time its a very bad move.

vs SOME char it does work. i find it very affective vs sagats, kinda ironic uh. just crouch keep dodge balls cspike spam him to death if he jump or grab

cammy is good at turtling.

she can take a lead and zone and keep it if she needs to (except against rufus).

turtling is something she HAS to do against gief.

like cammyownz said…turtling is good against sagat since you need to avoid all his tiger shot and make him lose focus on ur potential rushdown. if you’re full rushdown on sagat, he’ll kill you. gotta turtle hard and get his guard down.

Vs gief and sagat sure though much harder to do vs sagat, and even with your idea above a good sagat isn’t likely to fall for that, most of them know you can do nothing at far to mid without meter. Gief is a hit and run game for most chars anyways.

One question, how is Cammy supposed to zone? She has nothing to keep people at mid to far and up close we run into her largely crappy normals outside of mk,mp,hp anyways.

Actually, her DP is one of the worst, IMO. Easy to make whiff (no horizontal range on the ground) and unlike most DPs, on whiff it is SUPER punishable (she devliers herself TO the opponent, so standing far away isn’t a problem). And, on block, her DP can be punished by almost 100% of the Ultras in the game, unlike EVERY OTHER DP.

Also, her Back Dash has great distance, but it has the LEAST invincibility in the entire game. Everyone has 8 frames of invincibility on their back dahses except for two characters: Fuerte, who has 7, and Cammy, who has 6.

And her normal moves are too slow to be good for Turtling. Their recovery times are easy baits for people anticipating them and punishing.

That being said, she’s still not a bad Turtler. Hahahahaha. But it definitely does NOT favor her at all. Yeah, she turtles against Gief, but that’s only because she HAS to. If she could rush down Gief, I’d do that in favor of Turtling any day.

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Turtle mode

Depends, if cannon drill is as safe as SF2HDR then yes,
Though I typically never waste time trying for just chip damage

As for SF4
Back dash is really fast, everyone knows this character is good at punishing
Ex hooligan is full screen

So basically punish, back dash then wait
If the person is spamming fireballs like crazy use Ex Hooligan

Very fast back dash, could possible out turtle a Chun Li player.
Or would have to wait a lot seeing how no fireballs to use vs other characters without fireballs who would wait the entire match.

Not many options when vsing a good Ryu player or Guile when it comes to turtling.

Well to think of it, a good Ryu player could destroy a Cammy while rush down.
Fireball — cannon drill
Uppercut —spinning knuckle
Uppercut or just block then go for meaty attack — Cannon Spike
Anything even uppercut ultra — hooligan grab

Not to mention cross up is hard and Cammy doesn’t have safe when landing jumping medium punch from higher up that hits overhead.
I guess there’s hard kick but that has longer range forward for a reason.

A good Cammy player would just find the reverse moves for those of a Ryu’s as well.
Dunno, I like Cammy more because all the moves have the character go across the screen and is somewhat better then hurricane kick even if your good at arching them, to some degree.

Can’t say turtling has ever really worked in my favor outside of mirror matches.
Slowing the pace down against Sagat can help, but I don’t want to really be in a position where Sagat is chipping me to oblivion.

It works for me… Just wish she had a bit more health but it’s fun to give Guiles a taste of their own meds sometimes.

It probably depends on your defense how well you can Turtle, she gains no advantage if they can close distance safely that I see. C. MK into SA, HK and for AA CSpike can kind of zone.
She can’t land a few safe crouching jabs like Boxer or a few safe EX headbutts like Honda and call it a good game nor can she just zone someone out with fireballs and pokes. She should probably Turtle when most people would like life lead, other guy has ultra, etc. I Turtle a lot as a kind of mind game to open the opponent up or practice defense and is fun getting rushed down sometimes.

But I just tried turteling vs. pretty sure Alioune Sagat he just TK trap ate me, but that didn’t do much damage do to me blocking, but it was strange even after blocking most the time every time I tried to attack by walking forward or dive kick I would eat a combo. I haven’t seen that before by anyone but I don’t play Sagats that play well often and never got a good knock down.

I turtle vs blanka a lot =)

If they’re jumping in at you at close range, Close MP is a godsend. An uppercut that slices straight upwards and stuffs a -lot- of things you wouldn’t expect. Close FP is also a good one at certain angles. BadB mentioned HK which is great not only for ground zoning, but also as a max-range anti-air. It -can- beat many jump ins including Shoto Jumping RH’s.

Standing MK is decent for zoning. Tip-range LK spiral arrows if you’re ballsy and they’re walking.

She has decent normals and can space well, but the only time I feel you should turtle with her is against reckless rushdown opponents, or when you establish a solid lifelead against a turtle character if they push you out far or knock you down.

Other than that, blitz their asses. Cammy is named “Killer Bee” for a reason. :slight_smile:

just cuz it sounded cool :frowning:

That answer makes me sad, CammyOwNz. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol guys. First off Cammy can turtle. Give Cammy 2 bars, and it’s “TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES! HEROES IN A HALF SHELL! TURTLE POWER!” I actually hum this when I turtle lol. This strategy works so well on… pretty much all the charge characters (guile and rog especially). When you turtle you have to expect a lot of overheads and tick throw setups… so be expecting them.

I’ve also found that you can rush Gief down. Cammy has a lot of dirty tricks on Gief when it comes to geif’s wakeup.