I’ve been messing around with these two lately and i noticed that they have sum good combos with each other for instance lp,lp, <-hk call tronn projectile assist dash in lp,lp,<- hk then a cannon drill just off the ground dash in launch lk, hk cannon drill into killer bee assault does like 3/4 damage i just wanna find sum other shit out with them two working together so if u have anything post it up here!!:wtf: also i can never get like 4 rotations of cammy’s infinite in the corner if sum1 can help me with that it would also b greatly appreciated peace d block 354

i see ppl wanna look here but dont wanna post anything wtf is the deal gimme sum info

I play Felicia/Storm/Cammy, and I usually do one of the following:

-dash in, s.lp + Storm proj, s.lp, s.hp, dash in, s.lp, s.lp, s.hp xx Spin Drive Smasher

-dash in + Storm proj,, xx Killer Bee Assault

I haven’t played in two weeks, and I’m at work, so forgive the lack of ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont know how much this does, could someone test it out for me

lp+tron, lp, <-hk, dash in lp, c.hp, /\ hk xx cannon drill XX KBA. I dont know how much it does, but i do know that launch, /\ hk xx cannon drill XX KBA is Cammy’s best KBAerial Rave

okay. here’s one. launch, /\, cannon drill xx kba, dash, c.hp xx hooligan combination [punch], dash in, c.hp /, xx cannon drill XX kba.

rollable, but if they dont. its a kill.

Don’t forget that only the deep grab (the one that offers your opponent more time to respond to your hooligan of course -_- ) offers the OTG…I like the idea of the mix-up after launch behind it though.