Cammy ultra

Hey can anyone give me some tips on CS canceling into ultra mid screen? I’ve been trying it forever now but I just can’t seem to find the right timing. Either I do it too fast and another CS comes out, or it’s too slow and it doesn’t connect.


There isn’t really much to say. You have to input the ultra more or less as soon as possible after the FADC backdash. If you’re getting another canon spike, just be more deliberate with your motion (that doesn’t mean slower), make sure you’re hitting forward with each of your QCF’s.

Comes down to practice and muscle memory.

Ok, thanks. I was hoping there was something I was missing because it’s so frustrating trying to use it in a fight and end up getting punished for it. The worst is when I think, oh ya this is totally going to land, and then I go right past them…

You’re definately doing BACKDASH into Ultra after the Cannon Spike?

Just make sure you start doing the quarter circle motions for the ultra as soon as you hit back the second time for the backdash, you need to go straight into the ultra motion as quick as you can really.

I’ve had problems with this myself. I have no problem FADCing into the back dash then doing her ultra but half the time it doesn’t hit the person. Are there certain places on the screen where this move cannot connect or? Any pointers would be appreciated.

If you’re not hitting the person, it is because you’re doing it too slow. You must have it immediately after Cammy is out of the dash.

The only other thing I could think of where you don’t hit the person is if you’re nearby the wall. For this, you have to delay it slightly (like very slightly) and then do ultra.

if in the corner, don’t do it too fast. it will miss too. If you play online, it could be online lag makes you ultra miss. When people jump in and you do CS FADC, you can do it slower and the ultra will still hit.

nvm, late to post. icrossj already covered it.

Yeah… you just have to do it fast. I think ExMachina made a video of him doing it…

Well tbh the hardest part of FADC’s is successfully dashing out, since you seem to have that nailed just practice the input constantly, and ever chance you get to try it out in a match go for it even if missing it means a loss, i mean your not playing for money are you? It’ll come eventually don’t worry, and since you getting CS’s it means your almost there.

:rofl: you know what, someone once told me that there is so much NOISE coming out of my stick when i do “that move” (a.k.a CS FADC Ultra) … :rofl: :wtf:

yep, super speed is the key!!! :sweat:

Lol, I was wondering how you juggle ultra up til recently. BACKDASH, not Forward. That will only give you part of the ultra right? or will it give you the whole thing? You know what… I’ll go find a video with it instead…

It’s a lot better without the full animation. There are so many mixup opportunities, safe jumps, time to taunt… it’s better we don’t get the full animation. We’re talking less than 90 damage difference here.

:rofl: you’ve been playing alot of Dan!!! :nono:


Isnt the last part 140 damage?
Btw if you do ultra on the far tip after a fadc on cammy i think you will miss.

My standard tips for doing FADC combos:

  1. You can never hit Focus too early. It’s literally impossible. So everytime you do the DP, just do DP + Hard Kick and then IMMEDIATELY hit Medium Punch and Medium Kick. It is NOT POSSIBLE to hit it too early. Again, lemme specify this one more time: you CANNOT hit it too early. As long as you hit those two buttons after you hit the button for the Cannon Spike, you’ll get the Focus.

  2. HOLD DOWN Medium Punch and Medium Kick. One of the biggest downfalls is that people tap those buttons, so the Focus Attack comes out before you dash. Hold the buttons down until you see Cammy Dash, then let go.

  3. Turn Back Dash and the Ultra into one motion. When you tap back on the second dash, immediately go into the QCF x 2 code. So instead of thinkings Dash and THEN Ultra, put them into one fluid motion.

  4. End the Ultra code at Forward Flip. Most people tend to hit the buttons too early, and if you do, an EX Cannon Spike will come out instead of the Ultra. My going to Forward Flip, hitting the buttons early will actually make you hit them at the right time, meaning you’ll get EX Cannon Spikes a lot less often.

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Yes, ExMachina did make a video of her doing it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hopefully that helps.

I was wondering why your hands looked so much cleaner than everyone else’s… lol sorry.

ditn: it’s 90 damage for the finish part. but we’re talking about at least after 1 hit, so the ultra animation is at 80%. So we’re only talking about 72 damage at best.

Awesome, there’s some really great stuff in there to remember. I was messing around with it yesterday and I kinda figured out if I hit the 3 kicks right as they’re at the top of the arc from the cancel it will always hit, and it seems to always get 6 hits in. Whereas if they’re just past the top it’s 5 hits. I found watching their arc helped alot with timing, if that helps anyone else. I’d post a pic of it, but I dont see that option on here anywhere. Anyways, thanks for the help!

Good stuff. I’ve only recently been able to do CS > FADC > CS. This is huge. Before it would take hundreds of tries and tonight it happened twice in a row. The biggest problem is spazzing the dash input so it becomes a double dash or a jumping kick comes out in the end. Any tips for controlling the spaz inputs? :looney:

My understanding of it is CS (immediately) MP+MK (hold) dash 2xforward (release) CS but it seems like you could do 6 623K instead of 66 623K? Could you negative edge the kick and keep holding down the punch? I’m not sure on the specifics of timing although I seem to get it a lot more than in the recent past. Maybe the gift horse shouldn’t be looked in the mouth. This move seemed impossible a few weeks ago.

That’s gold. I always thought my execution was way off.