Cammy unblockable video? (james chen)?



Couple weeks back, James Chen (i believe) shared a video, about some sort of unblockable, from a EX cannon spike? The db k in air (whatever that move is called), juggled with a normal into a hooligan throw, The video showed it being unblockable, only losing to SRK’s or invinceable moves (in which u can bait and go for LK holligan go over and punish), also showed the counter to people Anti airing with crouch mp, where u would delay the holigan and hit K to do the divekick and punish,

Now i can’t seem to find this video, i’ve looked in his timeline, Does anybody know what im talking about, I’ve tweeted to james chen and he hasn’t repsonded. if you know what im talking about please share the video,

wanted to practice it :frowning:


it’s just EX divekick, juggle with st.HP and cancel it into HP hooligan and throw.

It will work against people who have never seen it but it’s incredibly easy to beat, you can just do a crouch jab then block the divekick. Kazunoko was trying it a lot on friday and I think it only worked once


spab, you may be right, but i think that its not st hp, it might be b- mp because its faster, that what i wanted to make sure, yeah, its not super easy to get out of when its tight, if they jab and you dive kick, it punishes there jab, not everybodys jab will work they will have to use MP. either way its good tool to use in your aresenal, IMO you should have like 3-4 mixups from that juggle state.

Thanks for your input tho :D, james responded nicely and said after FR he would look for it. Hes the man!


The video you’re talking about was definitely st.HP, although it might work from other normals that are easier to connect with if you use a different timing. And the video also showed the opponent mashing jab, and 2-3 jabs came out when it showed the divekick punish, meaning if he did just one jab and then blocked he would be safe from the throw and the divekick. I haven’t tested it myself though so maybe it’s possible