Cammy unblockables

Works on ryu ken akuma chun rufus guy cammy viper.

If they block in front it hits crossup , if they block crossup it hits in front.
Only way to block is to neutral then block crossup but u have 1 frame to do that so lets just say its not practicable.
Doesnt work in the corner for the moment but ill do some research later.

Cammy : back throw >far mp > jump lk or lp (can be ducked)
Ryu : back throw > forward~mk > jump lk or lp(can be ducked)
Ken : back throw > forward~mk > jump lk or lp(can be ducked)
Viper:back throw > forward~mk > jump lk or lp(can be ducked) , can lose to hp thunder knuckle reversal (depending on how u hit her u can have it get stuffed though)
Guy:back throw > forward~mk > jump lk or lp(can be ducked) , loses to reversal ex senpukyaku
Chun :back throw > forward~mk>jump lk or lp(can be ducked)
Rufus :same but couldnt find a way to link jump lk into cr lp or cr lk . So the old one with fierce is better.


good find!

does it work if opponent does crMK on wakeup?

Yes it does

Does focus dash work? What about chars who move backwards during focus (eg. Gouki)? Will it force the jump in to hit in front?

Well hm theoricaly if he moves backward , that means the jump will hit as a crossup like when the opponent block normal way. Didnt try yet though .

What about Fuerte’s U2 or Hakan’s U2?

just a question (because i’m going to search (again) unblockable with makoto :slight_smile: )
do you know how many knockdown frames are after cammy backthrow?

oh, and does it work if opponent push guard at the VERY last moment? (same way to counter gouki unblockable)

ps: we need to play biaaatch!

Yes he has exactly one frame to do that so its negligible , there is no way u can block in a 1f window

You are a God Alioune Sensei. :china:

For timing and spacing issue , i found out u can just plink forward and mk , so something like Forward~mk then hold jump .

Thanks for sharing it really. Other players would keep it secret but you always contribute to the community, with that said cammy is now even more scary lol

Confirmed to work on guy and viper , editing first post

Like I didn’t have enough trouble with Cammy already. :looney:

Good shit though man, pretty cool find regardless.

I’m interested to know why this unblockable works.

It works because blocking causes your character to enter a block animation which - in this case - shifts the hitboxes in a way you will be hit on the other side.

Thus, blocking in the “right” direction will open you up, except when you only start blocking at the frame of impact.

What happens if you try dashing in the opposite direction? Like forward dashing? Or wakeup focus dashing the other direction?

So what if Akuma attempts a teleport on wake up, what can Cammy do from there?

some people need to watch the vid again, or just use common logic.

man in the days of sf2 the only way to scape the throw loops (i.e sim slide into noogie) is with a reversal, and the window for that is ONE frame, why blocking in one frame is that complicated?, damn ssf4 only shows that do something tight is just impossible? just saying