cammy vid

i didn’t want to study for my exam so i made a combo vid.


-grab resets
-“if they roll” resets
-resets that don’t consist of just switching sides up in the air (you had a bunch)
-try not to get repetitive
-study for tests, nobody is going to give you an A for a combo video

yeah that’s true, i’ll have to work on those things.

i was worrying that they would be too repetitive so i was thinking about cutting each combo out as soon as the KBA starts, but i know that some ppl do some weird combos and when they start the KBA it doesnt connect and the opponent just drops so i wanted to prove that it actually connects, so i left the long ass combo in, it could have shaved off like 45 seconds easily:<

and for the resets, i knew ppl would say something like " i could see that reset a mile away" so i tried showing it first on the same side, then i showed one going on the other side to show how they can at least try and mix up the opponent. I was hoping some begginers or ppl who have never played cammy would see like the “combo paths” with cammy, like they mostly all start up the same but then u can jump on the same side or jump on the other side to swtich it up or u dont even have to jump and see if u can reset etc.

I looked at dj b13s cammy vid and this other vid and i didnt want to put alot of stuff that was already in there. I don’t even know how to do the trow resets that would be nice if i knew.

the combos were kinda bland, as there wasn’t anything new, other than your basic assist air combo, basic air combo, and dhc to it…

the resets, i noticed were all either just go to the other side, or what looked like “i’m going to fuck a combo up, and call it a reset”

sorry, but you get a D+ for it.

here’s a few combos you can work on that i made up a while ago… been doing them since about 2k3, as my second character was cammy, after spiderman… i <3 her…

basic stuff…, c.hp, sj, lp, lk, lp, lp, lp, double jump, lp, lk, lp, qcf+hk, kba

i don’t recall seeing that combo at all in your video, and it’s super easy. easiest double jump combo in the game, imho.

also, here’s some resets for you…, land,,, c.hp, sj, xx quickly dive kick, jump hp throw,, c.hp sj, whatever… most people don’t expect the throw cuz it’s so fast, and you throw from the other side, making their tech, backwards of how most people would think of it.

corner reset with tron:, xx hk drill, c.lp juggle + call tron, s.hp xx lk drill (whiff), launch
with this, you SHOULD land on the other side and do the cannon drill under them. it’s rough timing it, but it works.

corner combos:
launch, sj, air combo, hp throw dive kick, OTG, wave dash x 3 + call tron, and you cross up, much like magneto’s dash combo on forced roll.

try some stuff with doom rocks. you can fly screen them down into the rocks after an air combo and follow up with kba, or some random reset.

you can also use resets in pressure games with her command throw and tron. tron keeps them cornered in block stun for just enough time that you can do the command throw.

Those same-side resets are fucking awesome. And by awesome I mean I don’t ever want to see those in a video again.

Also, nobody wants to see every variation of combos. Just show me the Hooligan setup once; you don’t need to show it setting up every combo.

Furthermore, since this video doesn’t seem to be aimed at showing anything especially fancy, try to keep it to combos that are practical. I mean, seriously now, who is going to call IM and then immediately Cannon Spike? IM covers a lot of range, but it’s still not safe at all.

you guys haven’t read my other post, i made this video for ppl who have never seen anyone play cammy ever in mvc2. There are ppl like that you know.

obvioulys for all of u ppl that have posted, after u see one combo u will get board

You shouldn’t assume noobs are stupid. Any setup can be used for any combo, so once you show the setups, just stick to the meat.

this is a pretty ho hum vid, even for “newbs”.


Eh…basic stuff. I guess its decent for brand new players.

Im loving the Cammy + IM AAA combo…think i might use that at the start of a round or something. After i switch trick.

and the walk up + tron in the corner. Brilliant. was that a 50/50?

what do u mean by 50/50

all of the combos that were not resets you can do 100% of the time.

I’m trying to figure out how to combo a hooligan off a KBA. Like after you do a KBA and land, you can dash in and combo but your opponent will almost always roll so i’m thinking, dash in and then hold down to cancel, then they roll pass you, then u do a hooligan and as they get up you will land on top of them and trow them.

hooligans work on sent so easily its too funny, hes so big u can press punch from far away and it will still trow him.


are you serious.

philopia owns. :slight_smile:

whas going on phil?

Not much, dude. How are things with you? BTW, who made your Av?

Celsius made it.

I’m doing good. Hit me up on AIM or something at some point.