Cammy vid

A few ideas me and my boys had and this is our way of putting it on paper. Also so if u got some fresh Cammy stuff or ideas put it in this thread. Possibly a Cammy Chapter ? vid. She’s so underrated against Tier.


Cammy is awesome! The only thing holding her back IMO is the randomness of KBA.

Hollows Colors FTW

HA! You would notice that, wouldn’t you, Smilez?

Alot of the throw set ups are rollable.

You need to add this one in:

launch, sj.lp,,, hp airthrow, as soon as she lets go you can,canon drillXXkiller bee/or mix up before they land.

Also you can add her double jump resets they are really useful too.
such as:
launch, sj.lp,,,sj.lp,sj.lp,dj+up,sj.lp,, canon drillXXKB.

Nice vid tho i think some of the effects were a little distracting :sweat:

any video tutorials on how to double jump reset?