Cammy Video Thread

Want to see some good examples of top players using Cammy? Want to post your own matches for critique and advice from fellow Forum members? This is the thread for you.

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DiegoV Matches:

Vs Mika:
Vs Chun:

Nyansig Matches:

Vs Calli:

Bonchan Matches:

Vs Laura:

Godsgarden guys:

Vs Karin, Vega(lol this char is ridic), Chun, Sim, Cammy

Early tech that might become obsolete, but I thought I’d share. At the very least, I hope to get some of our wheels turning about neutral game approach and tactics.

Vs Sim Its pretty universal, however I keep seeing people get away with this for free.

Vs a bunch of characters. Intersting movement(calli, vega, birdie, bison)

JWong Cummy:

^ Nyan and Cobel are both really good Cammys to learn from while you develop your own style with her.

I didn’t know Cobel before. It seems to be the most footsies heavy Cammy so far.
Nyan is pretty awesome too.

As someone new to Cammy, the video of JWong in the lab was pretty interesting. Don’t know how much of it will be news to the rest of you though.

5:27 TC into Hooligan Throw and at 6:35 500damage/517stun CC combo got me excited.
8:10 talking about counterhits with knees.

Ramma I’m mainly focusing on neutral game so that vid is pretty helpful. Thanks.

I ran into JiBbo two times. It was fun. I’m gonna try to upload more games when I wake up.

Those were some good matches gunshot. You use that low mp a lot. I don’t think I ever use that move… maybe I should start.

Had my first games against a Gief. I’m liking this game a lot.

Thanks to everyone who posted videos. My Cammy needs tons of work and these all have great pointers.

Cr. MP is one of her best moves for buffered pokes and as a meaty

4f safejump off of CC sweep here’s a first to 3 set I had with one of my friends. I think I did pretty terrible.

Cammy guide is out

looks like you can also use stand lk for the same setup

edit: I’m not sure if the framedata is right, but it looks like there’s a 1 frame discrepancy here… hm

Not his best performance, but I like how he’s using her tools. In particular, CC, combo into v-trigger into CA then having the entire v-trigger to play with afterwards it’s quite nice.

Post-Critical Art Knock Down Pressure

Poongko does some pretty sick stuff, but I wonder: What dive kick is he using? It’s like he ALWAYS gets the lp combo when his dk hits?