Cammy vs balrog match up I need you guys help bad!



Im getting destroyed by my friends balrog!!! He sits and turtles but its very effective. He pretty much counters everything I do and cammy not having a overhead does not help or does she have one lol. I try and focus his dash punchs but then he starts doing armor break ones lol.

So basically what are good way to counter balrog with cammy? I am having the hardest time and I almost tossed my stick at the wall lol. He basically has my traped in the corner If I jump I get head butted. Hollagan does not work on crouching people and even still I get head butted. lol I am just having the hardest of times.

Im not the best cammy player by far and im looking to improve.


turtle right back at him, thats what i do to mock balrogs (even the ones who do not turtle… lol)… and from a far crouch and mash jabs… lol!!!

anyways… those armor breaker dashes are punishable on block with either s.lp -> HK SA or CS

all dashes are punishable with s.lp-> HK SA… or CS… … except for overhead punch, here you need to THROW! balrog out of this move… the only SAFE moves he got are EX Dashes (but vulnerable to throws), straight lp dash and turn punch…

the upper armor breaker dash (and the sweep dash thingy) can be punished by Cannon Spike but you need to block it LOW then reversal cannon spike…

react to ALL Ex Dashes with Throw… the timing isn’t strict on this one… train with a dummy balrog doing random EX dashes and learn to throw him…

ALWAYS forward throw balrog… then follow it up with MP Hooligan… its hard for balrog to escape this setup… and all his reversal specials miss!!! even Ultra!!!

TKCS stuffs reversal Headbutt on wakeup!!


Wow! VERY USEFULL INFORMATION!! I had no idea about any of this stuff. I remember graping my friend out of his ex dash one time but I just thought I was lucky. Never thought to punish using that. im kinda new to this lingo but s.lp -> HK SA or CS means Standing low punch or HK to Spiral arrow or Cannon Strike right?


s.lp -> HK SA= standing low punch into high kick spiral arrow

CS = Cannon Spike


counterpick him :s , thats it


do what The-Olympian wrote.

also, try to counter dash punches with ultra. If you do ultra too fast sometimes, the ex low attack punch beats ultra because Cammy’s ultra is not an armor breaker.

lk SA is good to counter none ex punches on reaction too.


Short and medium Spiral Arrow from far away is good at prompting his crouching punches, he can be cracked with a Cannon Spike if he’s poking too far out. Then you’ve got him on the ground.

Mixing up EX Cannon Strikes over his head can confuse him into trying to block crossup, you can get some good damage in that way. If you can mind your spacing, that headbutt’s gonna whiff. Try not to do this when he has Ultra, though. :wink:

It’s a disgustingly tough matchup for Cammy! Counterpicks are for cowards, though. Do the work!


"It’s a disgustingly tough matchup for Cammy! Counterpicks are for cowards, though. Do the work! “”

I cannot agree more!!! Thanks for all the advice and it has been helping. Im handling the matchup alot better.


if you havent seen this already:



ultra dash punches on reaction


Jump back is a good tool to do from time to time
if he does a punch he will miss and you can punish


no counterpicks are good if done vs lamers and campers


Gutter Trash. Stop being a scrub and do the work!

It sucks losing to those dudes, but they can be beaten.

Also: Olympian – that video is really great! I watched it and immediately walked straight up to a Balrog’s face and threw him. Sexcellent.


oooooo Just watched the video, and I had no idea that you could land ultra that easily when he does half of his specials. Need to watch it again, then try that crap on him.


very nice tips. learn something new everyday here.


I ultra’s on reaction to ex-dash punches 3 times the other day against various 'rogs and each time the first hit was absorbed and I got hit out of it, in one case this cost me a match I thought I was about to win! Is there a certain rule to the timing on this or is it just a case of certain punches will hit you and others won’t and I just got a bit unlucky?


I think you have to wait a little bit. This is only hear-say though. To me, I just wouldn’t risk it and wait for a different kind of punch to come out and punish, but I just don’t have the reflexes.


What’s the current thinking as far as avoiding Headbutt into Ultra? Just get your damage in quick and back off?


I like the throw into MP Hooligan. It avoids it every time, and you’re still close. As a total strategy? I like to out turtle them and punish them with HSA when they’re starting up a move.


Balrog also has some pretty bad wake-up options. Headbutt loses to a lot of low attacks and lp headbutt takes 8 frames to come out so if you are going to pressure him do it on wake-up your best bet is to stick out a meaty normal that recovers before the headbutt hits. The mp hooligan on his wake-up to get on the other side of him is gdlk if you can bait a headbutt and punish with ultra =)

Edit. I didn’t notice the video above because I’m bad at reading:sweat: but that demonstrates the mp hooligan on wake-up really well