Cammy vs balrog the worst match up



can someone tell me how to deal with balrog please ?


Balrog akin to Guile is like a wall…

He has safejumps off his forward throw which is bait for blocked Cannon Spikes.

Typically they will sit waiting for you to come in, Anti air with Buffalo, Lp Dash punch dashes, or come in and harass with jab jab into throw,

Aim to cross them up without telegraphing your jumps a lot. Gotta be patient and tech.
Try and find the Long range dash punches and punish on reaction with Ultra 1.


From midscreen you can react to LP Dashpunch with s.HK or Ultra if you have it. Sometimes I like to focus from maxrange to see if I can catch one of the Dashpunches but he has enough armorbreakers so don’t rely on focus too much. If hes not spacing the LP Punches properly you can even punish them with s.LP xx HK Arrow (s.LP is a 1 framer so you better learn blinking)
You HAVE to react to overheads and punish them on block. They’re -5 AT BEST (LP Overhead punch) so always go for s.LP cr.MK xx HK arrow or s.LP xx HK Arrow depending on range.

Balrogs like to use that sweep because it’s actually a really good and fast normal. Anyway it’s -6 on block and they will most likely use it after cr.LP 2x walkback (if in range punish with cr.MK xx HK Arrow). If it’s a normal part of his blockstring or if he likes to use it alot —> Focus crumple.

On wakeup he is really free. I don’t really use the divekicks on him that much. I rather resort to Safejumps (safe to Headbutts + youre at a frame advantage after EX Dashpunches) and emptyjump throws to blowup the EX dashpunches. Generally whenever you see the overhead you can also throw him out of it. I personally like to be just out of LP Dashpunch range and then depending on how far I am away from him I either go for Spiral Arrows or s.HK on reaction. His hitbox is also pretty bad so it is really easy to get the crossup j.HP after backthrow. Another thing to add is that you should definitely learn to block if he has the momentum prepare yourself to BLOCK. Honestly most balrogs will just walk back and block to bait your reversal haha.
If you get hit by jabs all the time just tighten your frametraps. Whenever I face a Balrog I don’t know, I use Cammys tightest frametraps mixed up with throws to see how hard hes mashing the cr.LP. Also I barely go for throws after 2 cr.LP’s due to his hitbox.

Guile is anything except a wall if the matchup is played properly. You simply walk them into the corner and slowly snuff them out.


My favorite part about fighting Balrog is smacking him out of a dashpunch with a cr.HP a couple of times.

They tend to just stand there going ‘huh’ after that.