Cammy vs blanka

this might be a stupid question… but who is “better” over all?

k-cammy or k- blanka


K - Cammy

That’s like asking which is better:

A Diamond the size of your fist


A suitcase full of money.

The answer:

Who the fuck cares? I’m Rich, Bitch!

^ which one is cammy the diamond or the money


um imo they are both really really good, but in different ways. i pick k cammy as my r2 most of the time though, mainly because i like how cammy has a dp. i think blanka beats shotos harder though.

k-cammy = scrubbier, easier to play =P

They are both great characters, but K-Blanka has more defensive holes because his lack of DP.
I think he can use low jump better then Cammy.
As good as low jump Cammy is… Blanka with low jump is insanity.

yea K Blanka has a harder time fighting rush characters on wake up…unless you use charge d + u + RH but…that sucks. best way is to just defend.

Wouldn’t a better comparison be K-Cammy vs A-Blanka?

A-Blanka is a million times better than K cammy

umm, and vert ball wouldn’t even work on wakeup, it’s neither instant nor does it have any frames of invincibility, I don’t even think it’s instant off the ground, using that is like giving the other guy a free CH on a meaty…

if you ask me, back KK hop for defensive wakeup, it has a far better chance to leave you safe and about the same chance as JD to put you into an offensive position (JD -> throw aside, cuz I swear that’s not supposed to work…)


It’s still Cammy. Even though you could argue P-Cammy is the best all-around you can’t quite yet underestimate K-Cammy (though I admit I’m not really shaking in my boots when I’m up against one, her being the brain-dead simple characer she is)

With props to A-Blanka getting numerous alternatives on wake ups vs K-Blanka, it seems to me a lot of Blanka’s strengths in general come into effect when he’s on the offensive with that pikachu shit going on, naturally all that stuff comes into play following either a knockdown or what… RC jab ball to get in close?

Of course he can simply RC electricity when he wakes up, knockdown that way, but most people can see that shit coming IMO and there shouldn’t be any hesitation with throws, Parries, RC Grabs, etc in that instance.
(I like though how Blanka really doesn’t have to worry so much about execution on his wakeups)

RC dashes aren’t quite so safe. What is it a 7 frame recovery on a dash before you can go about with RC electricity? That’s counter-hit central right there.

So now what, he’s going to play footsies? Isn’t that what pixies do best? Especially in grooves like K/P?

He perhaps has the best j.HK in the game, he could make better use of that one trick Nick T. posted in the CvS2 tricks 'n stuff thread on JD happy people; though with Cammy being Cammy wouldn’t she just DP her way out of there?

a blanka isnt a million times better than k cammy.

a blanka is the best character in the game overall, but k cammy is fucking k cammy. still very very top tier.

Damn, I didn’t know popular opinion put K-Cammy over K-Blanka. That’s pretty surprising to me.

When I’m playing serious, I usually put K-Cammy second and K-Blanka (2) as my anchor. For me personally, I feel like Blanka is a little more solid in terms of taking damage, and I feel a little better about my Blanka vs Cammy/Blanka mirror match in the achor spot(I still completly blow vs any Sagat, but I do better with Blanka vs Sagat too).

K-Cammy has insane guard crush strings, and a super easy hit confirm super. She has great pokes, a DP anti Air, a nice cross up, and an anti-Air super.

K Blanka has… well, decent guard crush ability, the ability to punish whiifs with a nice super (Direct Elec, but then again, who the hell whiffs against a raged blanka), nice mixup/chip damage game with Elec/Hop Back mixups, and his Direct Electric wake-up cross up super which you don’t feel so bad for blowing in K.

Both are hella nice I guess.

But what reasons do you guys put Cammy > Blanka in K?

Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t a vertical ball put you off the ground instantly, thus fucking up some meaty bnb combos even if it hits you and doesn’t beat it/trade?

vert ball is off the ground instantly yeah. no invince though so hey.

i like cammy more than blanka in k because she feels more solid to me. having a dragon punch is really nice, and u cant beat fierce walk up throw/fierce when raged. blanka is better off as 1st in a team, not an anchor imo. that dp is too good too. i think cammy is just scarier than blanka when raged, because she has more ways to hit you with super.

k-cammy is overall better than k-blanka. against good players k-blanka has trouble getting out of the corner or other pressure situations in general. also, imo, k-blanka has a hard time landing super…i actually think k-cammy is the best k groove character period.

however, your own SKILLS determine how good a character can be.

K-Geese or K-Cammy. There you go now thats a question.

xX_deus_Xx or buktooth?

I use K groove as my main team. I use either Blanka/Cammy/Sagat R 2 or Blanka/Geese/Sagat R 2 or Geese/Cammy/Sagat R 2. IMO Blanka and Geese are better for offense. Geese is good with the GC and has those counters which are helpful sometimes. Cammy helps if you suddenly get rushed down. That dp can really help out. I would say K Cammy >> K Geese because it’s easier for her to land super. Geese…not so much. Not even deadly rave. I hate comboing DR with; it sucks. I’d rather do cr.jab, s.fierce, DR or sucks for buffering into DR. It probably has to do with the fact that DR is hcb, f+ lk which is a rare move. Cammy can just combo with s.fierce, cr.fierce, s.RH, crjab jab etc. She has good mix ups too.

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