Cammy vs guile



ive just pretty much started to use cammy online with the xbox, and ive found her to be pretty powerful overall… her moves do a lot of good against a wide variety of characters… atleast a well timed cannon spike can take out all those buggers who headbut with honda all the time, anyways ive seem to have run into a brick wall against guile while using cammy…

was just wondering how everyone else would go about taking out guile with cammy, i cant seem to do a whole lot against decent to really good guile players.


Learn to Cannon Drill at the right distance so Guile can’t punish you (but be careful if he’s got a Sonic Hurricane stored up, then it becomes nearly impossible to Drill without being punished). But it’ll go under Sonic Booms. Be careful of Guiles who can Razor Kick the Drill on reaction, though.

The best weapon for your attack is Crouching Strong. Do it outside of Guile’s Crouching Forward range. It’ll hit Guile’s Crouching Forward and just be, in general, a good “zone” type of move.

Be wary of Guiles who attack more. If they use lots of Step Kick and Knees and Hop Kicks and such, you’ll have to take to Jumpnig a lot more. Cammy has more priority than Guile from Jumping and should be able to beat out most of Guile’s anti-airs. Also, having the Dive Kick gives Cammy a lot of unpredictability during Jump.

Just be patient. Don’t try desperately to get in. Kick it outside his range a bit, and react to what he does. Cammy controls the fight, and Guile has to play to her, not the other way around. He has to react to her Jumpnig the Sonic Boom, he has to react to her Cannon Drills, etc. So Cammy controls the fight. She has the ability to make Guile keep guessing wrong.

  • James


thanks for the hints, yea learning the distance of the drills helps out a lot against guile, i just have to get the timing down from it… usually i can fake out some players by just jumping in the air and they instinctivly flash kick, and i can dive kick and hopefully get something out of the wake up attacks when they get up.

and youre right, you do get punished if you mess up a bit.


I use both Cammy and Guile. If they keep on assaulting with Step Kicks, combo into a cannon drill and punish it. The problem with Guile is when he makes a mistake, it’s harder to recover from. Take advantage of that and put Guilde on the defensve. Cammy does best in assault mode. Then you just have to watch out for different speeds of sonic boom (slow, fast, slow, medium, medium, fast, medium, slow) and the occasional flash kick and you are home free.