Cammy vs Iori

I just finished playing some 200 or so matches against my brother.
The results were hilarious.
Anyway P-Cammy vs Iori is an interesting fight.

My primary weapon in this matchup was low jump short.

Because far s.HK was often rollable during those key moments when I’d want to do one.
I was mostly reduced to using it to anti air Iori’s low jumps, or in a combo (hit/blocked) after fierce if the close s.hp pushed Iori too far out for far to connect (after low jump short) or the low jump short pushed me too far out and I got far s.hp instead. It also was used to punish shit if he screwed up, but since he didn’t mess up often I restricted it’s use to guarantees.

I also used but often normals on the ground just didn’t fly because of his fireball and my limited maneuverability. Basically, in spite of Parry I was reacting because he’d use that to get in.

I used low jump short to counter him if he threw a fireball, the goal being to hit either high or mid. Preferably mid. I then had the stick towards and mashed fierce. If the short hit, it sometimes combo’d. If it didn’t, the fierce was blocked and pushed Iori out. Because sometimes I like following up with far his Iori sometimes rolled in, which let to a free combo. Mashing fierce took out some guess work because if my low jump short didn’t hit right, and the fierce didn’t combo perfectly, Iori could try to Roll, and the fierce recovered while he was rolling, and as I was mashing I got the punch throw to come out.

After any exchange, If I had no meter I backed out because every attempt to nail him with walk up fierce/punchthrow shit just didn’t work unless he was standing, at which point I just tapped towards with every fierce. Anyway as I said I backed out carefully because of his longer ranged sweep, which was very good if I wasn’t careful. He did a good job mixing up his mid ranged attacks (and he had that too damn good RC Rekka) so I only had milliseconds to decide how to proceed so I just stuck to this safe distance game. Of course when his brain shut down on occasion I let him have it with the close fierce rape.

Of course, there were moments he fought past the bs, but after 200 matches we sorta adapted and counter adapted. The play above was the result more or less.