Cammy VS JOE

Any tips? My friend keeps on sliding and ant-airing w/ tiger knee. I need some desperate help because its getting annoying!

sorry but joe > cammy. :badboy: just be glad he aint doing rc hands.

depends what groove, but if you’re playing S or N, just frickin rush that shit down. mix it up between standing fp, cancel cannon spike… with running cannon drill.

use cr lp,lk cannon spike too. you can also turtle with S groove and play distance game against him, baiting him into cannon drills and spikes.

uh don’t jump so much? That’s a thing that a lot of people do. bait the anti air and then punish. Abuse s.fierce and s.RH.

Yo are you the player with videos out, i could of swore i heard of a player named Dirty, is it you. If so can you post some videos.