Cammy vs Oni



buddy has a money match vs an Oni player who used to main Cammy, so I think my friend has a disadvantage, what do you think this Cammy player can do to beat this Oni player? Skip ahead to (00:59:30) to watch them play


This should probably be in the video thread.

Your friend seems scared of Oni’s f.hp and didn’t have a good way to close the gap to jab range. He also didn’t take easy damage like anti-airs or large punishes. His defense was otherwise pretty good. The Oni player looks more solid.


That Oni player would be me. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Yeah I have to agree. Cammy player has no idea how to punish anything (F+FP, Random stomps, blatant bad jumpins, unsafe slashes) and he doesnt vortex at all. Oni player gets to get away with a lot of stuff so definitely in his favour. I dont think hes better per say, but the other guy just doesnt have a clue.


YouTube “spear_9999”. 1hour or so of cammy vs Oni matchup goodness.

Pretty much everything you need to know about the matchup.