Cammy vs. Sagat



I can’t remember if there was already a thread for this, but if anyone can help, it’d be greatly appreciated.

I just can’t get in on him without taking a chunk of health, and it’s pissing me off.


st round house max range whiff punish everything sagat does and jd all his fireballs


But after a while, they get smart and stop throwing fireballs. It’s just rough, ya know?


basically when u fight sagat u wanna keep moving back n forth in and out of his range with st fp st rh, and then once u have established ur footsies u usually can run right up to sagat and get all in his face and grab/ fierce punch again, and also running up and doing crouching medium kick is really good then walk back and alternate between the two, this match is probably an even match but cammy controls the pace.


So, should I keep it more mellow? Or try rushdown?


whatever your comftorable with


Haha, alright. Thanks man.


Random stuff:

-Cammy’s far s.HK has slightly more range than Sagat’s c.HP, but it has slightly less range than Sagat’s far s.HP (which she can crouch it, anyways).
-Cammy’s far s.MP has more range than her far s.HP, and Sagat can’t crouch it, so it’s another move to keep in mind in this match-up.
-Sagat’s c.HP has more range than Cammy’s cfar s.MP/c.MK
-Sagat is a big character, so if you hit with close s.HP, link c.HP xx lvl 3 Super afterwards.
-if you’re playing K-Cammy, use option select JDs against his ground pokes.


Pardon my stupid, but what’s “option select” mean?


Tap db before every poke (eg: db~n+HK, db~db+MK, db~b+HP when you’re up close, etc). Or you can simply walk at him and tap db, and try to get a feel of when and which button he’s gonna press.


Thanks FS, it’ll help. And yeah, it’s a K-Cammy R2.


I fight a K Cammy R2 all the time with my C Sagat. S. Roundhouse and S. Fierce stop almost all jump ins that I can do. If i try to get in on her with a tiger crush, Cammy can do a jab, jab, cannon spike.

You can also bait Sagat with a short cannon drill and cannon spike right after it. (but then again, you can bait anyone with it, so long as they dont know the trick already.)

If Cammy gets a knock down, Jumping dive kick for a cross up and just pull out a B&B.

This match, at least for me and my friend’s Cammy, becomes a long range footsie match. With Cammy having longer feet. (S. Roundhouse) If you can keep Sagat just out of his striking zone, He’ll have a tough time trying to get in on you.


Thanks for the help, coming from the opposition. Much appreciated, and good luck with that fight in the future :smiley:


Depends on what Sagat’s doing.

Generally, with Cammy, you want to play just outside of st. forward range for 2, maybe 3 reasons:

1> whiff punish with Rh
2> Sagat has nothing to hit you with other than fireballs which you can JD/small jump over xx super at that range
3> Pressure with st. RH / run in fierce / throw / low shorts if he whiffs something.

So, depending on what Sagat is doing, changes things around a bit.

I know you can use st. fierce to trade with st. short in your favor by about three times the damage IIRC. (Both at same ratio, so we’re talking about 9% damage short to roughly 23 - 27% damage fierce on a trade)

Going along with this idea, you can get away with fierces / throw mixups with fierce xx rh chains to hit confirm super. What you can do at fierce range is fierce xx cr forward for a little block string and wait for a st. forward from Sagat to JD, then reversal super. If Sagat sits there after the cr forward, then go back into fierces and throws.

If the Sagat is trying to keep you out with tiger shots, you can small jump far RH for a trade or hit confirm super, or just use RH’s to trade also. Once you get into fierce range, you can start using fierce pressure again while remembering that fierce trades with Sagats short if he may try to keep you out with it.

If you can be more specific as to what the Sagat player is doing, it would be helpful.


The Sagat player I play likes to use knees and uppercuts when given the chance. He loves him some s.fierce/c.fierce/random crap. He’s learned not to be too stupid with tiger shots, but they usually get JD’ed. Sometimes he’ll throw out a tiger cannon, and I can almost JD the whole thing, but he’s smart enough to follow it with something low that I can’t react to fast enough.

Uppercuts on wake up.
Knee to close distance.
Fierce when applicable.
Usually plays C/N grooves.


Sounds like you can just outspace him ftw

If he uses Knees to get in rather than walking, you can probably just turtle it out and make him sit in one spot to keep pressure.

Always outspace a Tiger Uppercut on wakeup, I don’t think Cammy on the ground is really the best place to be despite having Cannon Spike, wakeup throw, or super, because if its just one bad guess and Cammy could be stunned and you lose alot more life than you thought you would.

If the person uses counter roll, you can mixup cr. forward xx short spiral, with just a cr. forward and waiting for a counter roll and punish accordingly.

Whatever he whiffs, just punish so that u can get into the st. forward range and go from there.


:u: Hey thanks! I’ll definately try it all and see what happens.


Problem with this match up, IMO+ IME, is the character itself. C-Sagat, who uses alot of footsies and random FP owns cammy or any characters with less that 70 stun. Plus, most of Sagat’s moves are hi-priority. On the other hand, Cammy’s FP and RH does decent damage plus priority. Just play defense and alot of poke and run to neutralize (and piss off) sagat, making him jump into wrong places. In our area, K-Cammy and C-Sagat (no RC’s) is like 50/50 matchup.


cammy wins if she can corner sagat.

sagat wins if he can trade or land super.