Cammy vs turtles

hi im new to the forum so if this is old news i apologise.
i was wondering if anyone had any tips on beating turtles with cammy,especially balrog rufus and guile.
when the opponent is doing nothing but crouching and blocking,i try throws but i get jabbed away and when i try cannon strike they block it,its a real pain.

I usually just jump back and bait them with hooligans. When I land a hit I start turtling and let them come after me. It’s all about first strike and playing defense when you play against turtles
As for turtles with projectiles… spinknuckle usually helps but I still have a hard time figuring projectiles out

Yeah… jumping back and baiting works every time to anyone better than half baked.
Even though in classic people were good enough to hit the hooligan grab that would grab crouch.
That Ownz person is telling the truth.

i always have the problem of my opponent doing a combo on me then running away and turtling until the time runs out,and if i try going close i just get jabbed or they play keep away,its really annoying and it makes playing my favourite characters such as cammy and ibuki who are weaker,alot more difficult.

I’m sorry Darth_nevermore, ignore the retarded comment by Inthelightblue.

But yeah the fact is when turtlers wanna turtle, you need to make them play offensive, and that means attacking them before they attack you. Then, you can run and play timekeeper in hopes that they’ll come to you. This is your opportunity to deal damage. Remember, the person with the life lead has the RIGHT to turtle.

Keep in mind that this is a short term fix. In the long run, you’ll have to LEARN how to attack and defend properly. Turtling with a life lead at the 95 second mark isn’t going to get you very far, it’s only going to work on scrubs. I guarantee it’ll get you killed playing against me, how much so if you went up against Daigo or Valle haha.

For the most part it just sounds like you need to work on your timing. If you’re having a problem with people just mashing jab when you get in close, then you gotta figure out when they like to mash and hit them with a poke(cr. mk or st. rh is ideal here) a split second before. If they keep mashing, you keep poking and the counterhit damage adds up fast. This isn’t something that’s native to Cammy, but rather to Street Fighter as a whole.

Once you understand how to space properly then move on to your cannon strike mix up. More often than not, yes, the first one will be blocked. But after that it’s a 50/50 because they have to either keep blocking, or tech a throw. If you instant divekick again you’ll beat out the throw tech and get a phat combo, if they keep blocking then you get a free throw. At that point you have to make the right read on your opponent.

this will never work vs any1 half decent. crouch jab spam>hooligan

or stand+hp/hk

u cant really do anything vs a hardcore camper, just counterpick the next round

this will never work vs any1 half decent. crouch jab spam>hooligan

or stand+hp/hk

u cant really do anything vs a hardcore camper, just counterpick the next round

This is wrong.

thanks for the help everyone,i guess im just going to have to play mind games,mix it up abit and try not to get smashed in the face!

I tested in training mode that you can Spiral Arrow just out side of the jabs range and it should beat it but it couldnt hurt to use Hk Spiral so you could fadc justin case. when Im with in sweep range and they just hold down back I sometimes dash in a grab or I would try to make them Cr Mk me so I can create an opening with TK Cannon strikes. If they spam jab I get close then I attempt to Hk Spiral Arrow even if i miss up close I still can FADC into a grab or Cr Lp>Cr Lk then go for the crossup or something . If they jab spam I Cannon strike over it. When they play keep away I let them back there self into a cornerl then wait for an attempt to get out of the corner and punish every attempt to get them to clam up. Sorry if this is scrubby but I hope this helps. Also be patient you have usually 2 rounds 99 seconds to make the match yours. Also if they block too much use grabs to make them come out.

Use crossup jumping LK (into throw, or bread and butter). Its so damn awesome for those DownBack people. And then mix it up with the other advices on this thread.

Or even Jumping LK towards them. If they’re crouch blocking, they must stand or get hit. If they block, try throwing. If you know they’re going to mash jab, you can take a risky CSpike. … haha

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When you do get in, they’re going to press buttons. Go for DP if they press buttons, block if they mash their DP. Eventually they’ll be afraid to press buttons and then you can go for throw. When that happens they’ll drop the whole turtle style and will go for the hail mary setups.

Just do cr. mk. It’s a lot safer and you don’t waste bar.

If you know they’ll mash jab after a tick (if you tick make sure to use cr. jab since it’s +1 on block) then that means they can’t tech a throw, so after a tick just go straight for the throw if you know they’re mashing, NO risk at all and guaranteed damage, plus you get 4 way mixup if you land the back throw, of which I PROMISE they’ll eat something. If you get the forward throw you can just dash forward then do a meaty divekick and then get into your pressure and mixup.

If you go in knowing they’ll mash, but you’re not in range for a throw, then I’d say to use st. mp instead, it’s really good and you can hit confirm afterwards into SA then giving yourself setup.

@Darth - you have to keep in mind that cammy has some of the BEST offense in the game, so people will be absolutely scared of you if you know what you’re doing and turtle. You have to know how to use all her options so you can break them, she has a tool for almost every scenario possible. If you’re going up against lesser players, you can do the whole get life lead and sit back thing, but against better players that know how to attack, that won’t work out since cammy doesn’t have the tools to play an amazing defensive game.

yeah most of the time i can rush players and get in alot of offence,especially with jumpers as they get a cannon spike in the face and anything else i try hooligan combination because the average joe never sees it coming.

What seikuryu said is the best you can do, mind gaming him. Or playing his own game. Some Turtles actually get desperate and start chasing you.