Cammy Vs Wakeup Backdash



i fought a guy yesterday every time he woke up he backdashed my tkcs missed my airborne cs missed only thing that works is meaty spiral arrow but its so punishable…


Couldn’t you option select HK SA? It should catch him every time he back dashed…


go to this thread:

and pick out the option select that best punishes that characters backdash (some don’t travel very far and get caught by spike, some need SA and others can be caught with os ultra)


dont be discouraged… you can exploit backdash by option select!!

Cannon strike option select HK SA… if they backdash they eat meaty SA… if they block SA doesnt come out…

the good thing about meaty SA you can follow it up with CS (FADC Ultra if you have meter)… :wow:


You could just ultra…


a lot of backdashes are airborn for long enough to where cammy’s ultra hits once and only resets them, then you finish the ultra animation on the other side of them and they get a free punish. so just make sure before you let it fly that you know it’s against a character that it will work on.


Every character has recovery frames on their dash. So you actually get a brief moment to react to a backdash. It’s easy to land a full ultra on a backdash.


Catching Abel on Backdash with Ultra is the most satisfying feeling in the world.