Cammy Wishlist for 2019




Crouching LP back to +2 on block || This being 0 on block was an unnecessary change to her Crouching LP
Change standing HK to the SF2 version, no crush, faster speed, hit high, mid and low || So basically like Ibuki’s, fast and can be used to start a combo and also, this was my favorite animation she had in SF2, because it is a useful normal
Target Combo animations not changed (Back + MP, Standing HK) || This makes sure that the current Target Combo is in tact
Add another Target Combo: Standing HK, Standing MK (-5 on block only in combo); can link into Spiral Arrow || This gives her more variety in a fight and gives her more reward for risk


Faster moving and starting Hooligan Combination || This has been an issue since she first appeared
V-Skill can be used in a combo for reduced damage, crumble and -10% damage on next hit || This is needed to give her more combo variety like almost every single one of her other Street Fighter counter-parts
EX Cannon Strike is overhead attack || Karin Kanzuki has one without cost and bypasses fireballs and Cammy is a professional assassin just like Karin and has been in the game longer
Spiral Arrow (any strength) always only one hit, but counts as a low attack with slightly reduced damage || I liked this in SF4, something that keeps you guessing about what she’ll do next, much like how Karin is in SF5 now
EX Spiral Arrow with knockup juggle capabilities and -10% damage on next hit || Something that will make her more like a Killer Bee and equal to Rashid in mobility
Keep all Specials the same priority that they all currently are at || Yes, you can’t hide this, even Cammy’s CA can be jabbed

Final Thoughts—

Cammy, in her current form is weak. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but there are so many more SF characters (yes, you’ll tell me to go play them, but I favored Cammy since her first appearance so I will not go play anyone else) that have more combo potential, more skill and more reward for risk than Cammy has. Let’s make that list known:
Ibuki is faster and can juggle for days
Abigail has more damage AND more health
M.Bison/Vega has so many safe options, it’s not even funny
Almost EVERYONE ELSE has more mix-up options while Cammy’s cross-ups are too obvious (yes, don’t complain about this)

And there it is. Discuss, troll, flame or what have you, but I had to put this out there mostly for Capcom to read.


Well for starters I want to say that if you really want Capcom to see this you should it someplace where it might be seen like Capcom Unity or even Reddit. That said, this is basically a christmas list not some list of reasonable changes.

Her c.lp to +0 is fine. It still chains into s.lp, which I’m relatively certain will frame trap 3f buttons, just for less damage on the CH combo. But even without that she still has two other + on block lights. Damage can probably go back up to 30 though.

Your suggestions for her are bad. For one thing, I’m pretty sure it would leave her as the only character in the game without a non-sweep CC. Also I don’t think there are any Target Combos that go backwards in button strength but I’m not 100% sure. Cammy’s combos are fine as is.

Meterless Hooligan is pretty bad, though honestly I don’t see them buffing it.

Comboable VS is something she won’t get because she is clearly designed to be subpar at building VT. She has low health, bad CC’s with a bottom 3 sweep and a that whiffs on crouchers, and a gimmick VS.

Overhead EX Divekick is another terrible request. Even now her EX Dive is quite fast and plus on block. Asking for overhead property is overkill, especially since it’s already easier to make divekicks plus oB on a crouching opponent. SFV is a very anti divekick game so good luck with this.

Low Spiral Arrows is also not happening since they are unsafe combo enders not footsies tools. They’re already good for punishing whiffed attacks anyway. Also I’m pretty sure EX.Arrow can already juggle, but even if it can’t she has EX.DP for that.

Cammy, at absolute worst, is mid tier now. She still has some of the best buttons in the game, immaculate AA capabilities, a reversal, a good VT, and the ability to change her jump arc with divekick. The EX version also allows her to force her turn. If you think she is weak you need to go play some actually bad characters then come back to her with fresh perspective. But even if she was as bad as you say these changes would easily make her top 3 if not the best character in the game.


Just extend the hitbox of her crmk and I’m good. It needs to match the animation.