Here is another sketch. Let me know what ya think. Enjoy


Love the pose.

Could tone down on the light and add a bit more defintion, and the left leg seems odd.

Other then that it rocks.



not bad not bad,

i wish we could see more of the body though because Cammy is sexy like some shizzal,

besides that i like it… peace


It’s way cool, but… where’s the other scar on her face?

Shouldn’t she have like two? I’m just sayin’

Other than that, it’s hella cool. Keep it up man, you rock! :cool:


Not too shabby at all buddy. I love Delta 6 Cammy. :smiley:

Anyway, I like the pose a lot, and the cape adds a lot of mystery to it. Master Chibi has a good point on the leg - it does look a little long to me now that I notice it. But it’s all good, buddy. Keep at it. :smiley:


if i were you i would just draw for now, get someone else to do your coloring cause yours is pretty horrific. and kens face is exactly like cammys. do you just photoshop the faces around and put new hair and clothes in?


Master Chibi:: Thanks, yeah I think the color needs to be toned down as well.

[Kyo]Kusanagi:: lol Wouldn’t we all. Thanks for the comments.

Ash03:: I am not to sure, but I always thought she had one scar on her face. I could be wrong though.

Wildcat:: Yeah, you might be right. The leg needs to be a little shorter.

Sweet:: Ya think the coloring is that bad? Well I guess I have to work on it. As for the face, I guess they do seem similar. That is just something I have to work on. That’s always been one of my weaknesses. But, as for cammy looking like ken, are you sure?? Ken face doesn’t have as many curves, the only think I see is that they have in common are noses. Anyway thanks for the critique.


Welcome back Hiten.:smiley: Your drawing style is still very strong. Though the colours are not really my type… too strong heh. Still, great flow man.:smiley: