sketch of cammy


Big boobies.


I give it such because it’s good, but with her muscles in her upper arm and thigh, you’re basing on masculine muscles, which work quite different. Even IF the woman bench 150, her muscles will be lean, and the upper arm shall retain its slim-ness. She’ll be toned rather than bulky. This also applies to her shoulders and legs. Good sketch, just lacking, from my POV on this, understanding of female muscle.

thank you for the comments, here is another:

B , what happened to his hair?

i think this is zangief from streetfighter X, where he becomes a neo-nazi skinhead

Psylocke and Rogue

please fucking stop.

just stop.
they look like shit bro. there’s bad and then there’s this. you must really like fat chicks.




more comming soon… she’s supposed to be buff… but whats wrong with fat chicks anyway?


dude, just stop man… they’re supposed to be feminine… I’m gonna puke the next time I see one of your renditions of any female fighting game character… :eek:

athletic, sexy and deadly.

not huge, ugly and slow…

u should draw R.Mika