Sorry bout the first post… it didn’t fully upload.

Here is Cammy done using Illustrator in August of 2000, I plan on redoing in a couple weeks.

psycadelic!!:eek: Thats pretty cool cuz…

Nice vectoring on this one too. I like the green profile of her in the BG. Like on the Morrigan pic, watch how you place shadows on her face. They aren’t really making sense with her facial structure. Nice design overall. I’d like to see more.

You are the first person that has mentioned noticing the profile. I think the background distracts most people. She is definitely in need of being redone, not completely, but in need of much updating. The “Alpha” Cammy really irks me these days… she definitely needs some more work. But thanks for the comments, it’s always appreciated.

And just for note, this pic all started with the Cammy on the right… I originally did it in 3D and cell shaded (a while before video games had abused it… and still not done it right except for Viewtiful Joe). Anyway, the renders with the cel shading engines back then were pretty rough still (mad jaggies regardless of resolution or anti-aliasing), so I decided to trace that render in Illustrator (which looks 10x better).

So, hopefully when i get around to tweaking it, the changes will be for the better. (haven’t touched her in almost 4 years)