Cammy's 2nd Hard Challenge

Sorry if I sound like a noob, but I totally need help with this challenge. Half the time Dan blocks my medium punch, and the other half, when he doesn’t block it, I can’t do the crouching medium kick fast enough. Help!

deals with all the trials/challenges

this should give you an idea about the timing.

Try to see when and where the light on the lifebar travels. The timing is very strict. You have a 2/60th or 4/60th (I forget, but small nonetheless) window. Some people use a method called plinking to make the link easier. Basically it means you hit 2 keys of different strengths almost at the same time. But not exactly at the same time. That way your console will give you a bit more time to hit the link. (lk and mk almost simultaniously) Try it in training mode with input turned on so you can see which inputs you are doing and how they come out to get a feel for it.

I personally just cheated and used the autofire option on my Hori stick. I just could not hit the links consistently and get the whole combo. Mind you I only needed to cheat on Cammy’s 2nd trial. Trial 1, 3 and four are easy for me now. Never been able to get trial 5. :frowning: I can do parts perfectly. Just not the whole deal.

The framedata for Cammy should also help in finding out the timing. It also has some tips on reading framedata.

Trial 2 and 5 are the hardest IMO. Just keep trying and you will get it eventually.

Here is a guide on how to do it and more video. I’m assuming you know the difference between a link and a cancel? If not let us know.

To do this, you have to know that there are two pretty damn hard links… the Close Standing LK to Close Standing MP

and then the Close Standing MP to crouch medium kick.

They’re both hard links. You should practice them independently and then do it. But really, these are links that you will almost never use. And people use Close Standing MP to crouch MP since it is easier than MK.

Did i curse on that challenge :slight_smile:
s lk to s mp is a 2 frame and s mp to cr mk is a link 1 frame,so you should focus on that first.
When you get it at least sometimes do the full combo.

Hard trial 2 is definately her hardest one, you’ll breeze through the others.

You just have to make sure you do a tiny pause between the lk and mp, and betweent he mp and crouch mk. Don’t mash the buttons, just press each attack once. In training repeat doing lk into mp and play about with the delay you need till you get it.

I have a question… could plinking come in handy on the 1 frame links?

Yep, and it really helps. I do LK, MP~LP, d+MK~LK to get through this trial.

ah, now i just need to learn how to plink. it doesn’t look TERRIBLY difficult. isn’t it like double tapping the same button then quickly tapping the next button?

Plinking is way easier than double tapping, IMO. You just have to hit a button and a weaker attack in really quick succession, like you’re rolling your fingers over the buttons.

Just go into training mode and try doing a button roll on MP~LP. If you time it correctly for a plink it should show up on input display as MP, MP+LP. You get 2 inputs of MP in 2 frames.