Cammy's 3rd Outfit



Did you guys check out the unlocked concept art? With Cammy wearing the hood thing?? How much more awesome is that than the one they went with?? I think they ended up giving it to Rose, cuz it kind of looks like her alternate outfit.

But since we don’t have that - what do you guys prefer, her original or alternate costume? And what color?

Personally, I’m torn between the two. I like the dark blue and red in original, and the tan and black in the alternate.


Wait, what? I’ve never checked the art gallery, do you have a link?


No, I don’t know if you could find it online or not…I’m sure you could. The best way I could describe it is she looks like a thief from Final Fantasy LoL it’s pretty hot looking.


It’s her SFA 3 cloak before she goes into actual battle, Shadowloo style.


She looks like Little Red Riding Hood…


Personally I hate that concept art and I’m glad they chose the other one although something different from what we’ve already seen (alpha-esque alternate costume) would have been welcome.