Cammy's Dive Kick Question

I have seen on youtube that Cammy’s Dive Kick can be Done from like 5 inches from the ground… i figure this has to be the work of buffering… I did it by accident while i was practicing my execution in training mode (dive kick > cannon spike [FADC] > [spiral arrow]or[dive kick]or[super]) but i just need to know how to do the dive kick REALLY close to the ground.


Yep, you have to buffer the directional input before jumping and pressing the button.

It’s the same way you would do Viper’s super jump burn kick, Dhasim’s teleport, and Ryu’s air tatsu instantly off of the ground.

Thanks… now i got it.

You can go all the way around from down, to u/f in a circle motion. I find it easier. I literally mash circles and LK at the right time to build meter, although it’s barely any.

Thanks I’ll definatly try this out… i have a square gate stick so it should be pretty easy… lol I love the corners took a minute to get use to…

I wouldn’t recommend doing it that way, it’s more reliable just to do the standard input. Not like it’s hard, especially if you have a stick.

The corners actually help alot here. You can actually go from :d: to the :db: corner, the tilt the stick to the :uf: corner. More often than not, you’ll hit :l: on the way and end up doing the move since your hand is already following a preset arc. If you check it in training mode, you should be getting :d::db::l::uf: or :d::db::l::u::uf:.

I have one question for cammy players though:

How do you do her dive kicks lower than a straight jump dive kick but higher than a grounded dive kick? I try to wait for he to be more in the air before I push the button but usually the buffer doesn’t last that long.

It is just about jumping first then doing it very quickly? doing the buffer but waiting to push the button? Or something else I don’t know about?

I’m talking about those mid torso dive kicks.