Cammys hit/block stun



whats the block and hit stun on cammys cannon strike? the frame data just says “distance,” but when i’m pressuring someone, whether its HIT or BLOCK i get dp’d right after the cs. a lot of times i cant even combo off of a hit cannon strike. when do you use lk cannon strike? whats the difference between lk and hk cannon strike? when i go into training mode i can only do sako combo on ryu if i insta cs -> sako combo. if i sako combo by itself the low forward will miss. are you supposed to only use insta cs? because i never use it except to build a bit of meter and sometimes on someones wakeup. (i think i’ve been grabbed out of a dp before too?)


You need to hit near the ground so you land on your feet with a frame advantage. Do it at the two lowest parts of the jump-arc. I couldn’t say what the advantage is on hit since it would vary too much.


An instant dive kick is approximately +11/+8, which is very quickly reduced the higher up you hit. If you don’t hit around the waist or better, you should assume you will be coming down at frame disadvantage, and yes a shoto can DP before you even recover on the ground from a blocked one that is too high. The most comboable strikes come off hitting someone mid move or doing meaty/crossup ones on their wakeup.


Rule of thumb for NORMAL cannon strikes:

Above waist:

on hit, it’s even or slightly negative (-1 or -2) but not 3 frame DP punishable
on block, it’s hugely negative (-5 or more) because Sagat, Cammy’s DP (5 frames) can punish it

Below waist:

on hit, it’s positive (+3~+5), you can sometimes even link (5 frame normal) to begin a combo
on block, it’s even or slightly positive (+1~+3) where you can follow up with cr.hp (6 frame startup) or (4 frames) as frame traps

Now these numbers aren’t EXACT… just based on my experience…


Looked into this in a lot of detail back in vanilla. Might retest with my new method when I get time.


I would say this is pretty correct. I didn’t know I could punish a dive kick that was too high on block with DP, good to know.


That’s because you can’t, it’s never worse than -2 on block, Faux123 is wrong.

an instant divekick on hit is around +10 since you can ultra off of it.


Um no, you’re pretty wrong there man. You’ve got 5 frames of ground recovery after a dive kick, so it’s very easy to reversal DP one that hits too high up, I’m doing it right now in training mode (record Cammy doing a high dive kick then hold back, she can’t block the DP). This is like, if the dive kick hits around the head, but it absolutely can happen.

Oh I’m talking about shoto DP’s though. I’m a little more dubious of a 5 frame DP being able to hit you, that would have to be a pretty awful dive kick.

Actually testing it out a bit more though, it seems lk dive kick is probably impossible, or highly impractical to ever do this too, and hk dive kick somewhat difficult (and having a tendency to cross up your landing side when done that high), with mk dive kick being the easiest to reversal DP.


I’m also testing it in training mode, and not once yet have i gotten a 3 frame reversal dp to hit her from a high blocked jump in dive kick. I’m not sure what you’re doing differently.


after testing it more a blocked high MK strike is definitely -3 or worse when blocked at the highest tip. news to me but i rarely use mk strike anyways, lk and hk are better dive kicks imo. I have not once yet gotten reversal dp to punish blocked lk or hk strike, so i don’t believe it’s possible, meaning lk and hk strike at -2 at most. Either way dive kicks are much safer than the -5 that was originally posted.


I’ve gotten it to work on a HK dive kick as well, but it seems to be off weird angles that aren’t necessarily the highest possible for some reason. LK seems totally safe though.


god you guys have now confused the hell out of me.


since super i’ve never been dped after strikes (as punishment). i guess i dont strike that high.



Cutting out all the crap and listing what is useful to any Cammy player.

1: Jumping up light kick works as an overhead attack but you can easily get hit on the way down.

2: Cannon strike from the air is safe on block after hitting, very bull shit move but whatever.

That’s about it. The rest is rather self explanatory.


I once spent quite some time figuring this out. Check my post here:

It resulted in this:
Cammy (SFIV) - Shoryuken Wiki

and this:

Tiger Knee Cannon Strike:

(pj) pre-jump frames

LK, MK, HK: 4(pj), 12(s), 2(a), 5® +11(h) +8(b)

{TK Cannon strike information is from Nerfherder’s analysis}

Does that help?


lol. confuzzled. oh well.