Cammy's infinite

Okay Ive seen it done on a vid. Now how exactly does it go?

I think its

cr. short, cr. strong, sj, jab, short, jab, short, air throw, cr. short, cr. strong…repeat

It’s not a true infinte because you can tech hit out of the throw.

I was refering to the one infinite that is on the ground, it ended with a hk cannon drill after every repeat.

[c.lp, c.lp, back hk, tk fierce cannon drill]xN

I’ve gotten two or so reps with the comp on safe fall… so goddamn hard

Too hard

Dang me too! I can only do 2 repeats. :frowning:

Rookies I can do it no problem.

Its all in the tiger motion cannon drill. :smiley:

Damn. I just joined the 2 rep club. :confused: After that, I’m reseting to hooligan punch grab &_&