Cammy's worst enemy

The dreaded Shoto DP :expressionless:

Cammys worst enemy: extremely obvious jumping patterns

Daigo’s Ryu = MAN I LOVE RYU!
XBL Ryu = Remove this character from online.

Also this. Any time you get dp’d off of a jump in, and it’s not a failed setup. it’s just obvious.

Cammys worst enemy is … Lag. 9-1 matchup free. Any kind of lag. Online… Tv input lag… Even in Japan I could swear some of the arcade cabinets had a weird spike of input lag. Probably the ones that are connected to the tv display?..

I honestly believe if u can’t adapt to lag. Just forget using cammy. Without optimizing her, she’s an average character. And input lag plays a huge factor here.

Getting full combo punished off a lag-timed MP or MK link really is one of the worst things to deal with.
Gotta be able to FADC fast.