is up at last!

Hey guys. I’ve just finished uploading my website, “Cammy’s Site”. It’s got lots of stuff about Cammy and Street Fighter, including fanart, cosplay pics, and pics and info about my personal collection. It’s far from finished, but it’s good enough for now. Next I’m going to finally add my review for Street Fighter Alpha the anime, as well as small reviews of each individual issue of Street Fighter, and a few other things too.

I will also be having a fanart contest soon, so if you like to draw, and like Cammy, check it out.

The site is at: as well as

I’d love some feedback, and if anyone would like to submit some fanart or cosplay pics, please feel free to contact me.

Udon rocks! I can’t wait for SFII #0!

I think its pretty cool. The green backround/text combo is a nice touch. It also has a decent amount of content. At this point, the only thing that can kill it is a fading interest in it.


Thanks ParryFag, I love you too :slight_smile:

Seriously though, thanks for the feedback Leo. I will continue to update the site and try and get more info and reviews. I’m a Street Fighter fan for life, so I’m not going to lose interest in the site and let it down. Any ideas are welcome too, I’m always happy to add to the site and improve it, although for now I’m going to just stick to HTML, no Javascript or Flash stuff yet.

Well, what can I say.

Uh. Nice cosplay.

um, I don’t really recall… but did you ask before you put up my (ancient) Cammy fanart on your site?
It’s generally good practice to do so.

Yup, she did. Quite a while back, though.

A lot of links are dead.

and now I feel like a jerk.

Moya, don’t mind me… I’m an old fogey and apparently my memory’s going too.
Sorry for doubting.

P/S: thx bowie

Ur missing a game

Cammy appears in the DReamcast game Cannon spike along with charlie megaman and others that I dont care about.

Interesting site. I like how you have that awesome Jim Lee Superman poster. My bro wants that, but chances are his wife would tell him to take it back. Heh!

oh yeah, about that mini cammy busts…they come random, but i ended up with a pink cammy =D kick ass. luckly, there’s an anime store that sells them here in san diego

Somewhere baby Jesus is crying. Why must you be evil? =(

–Jay Snyder

Thanks Icecap, I’m still working on the costume, it needs better gauntlets.

Bowiegranap, thanks for clearing that up, I can’t believe you found that old post, cheers!

Rook, thanks for letting me use your fanart, if you have a website or contact email you’d like me to link to, I’d be more than happy to add it to the site.

Blazn, yeah I would love to get Cannonspike! I don’t have a Dreamcast yet though, unfortunately, but as soon as I buy one I will definitely get that game and review it. All the games I have reviewed are actual games I own, so as I get more, I’ll add more reviews and screenshots.

Ryu Kazama, thanks, I love my Superman poster! Since I took those photos, I have also bought the matching Jim Lee Batman poster, which is now on the wall facing Superman (where the big Dreamwave Transformers poster is in those pics, which has been moved now). Buy the Supes poster for your brother, and tell him to tell his wife that he can’t return it because it’s a gift!

Tokoyama, you lucky guy! The only anime shop I know of is on the other side of the country. It kinda bites that they come at random, I once bought a random Street Fighter figure box, hoping to get Shadaloo Cammy, but ended up with Akuma! Still, if I didn’t get Cammy, that’s the one I would have wanted, so it was all good. I’m still trying to get her though. Some people on eBay, luckily, open the boxes and sell the sets of the five Street Fighter girl busts, so I’ll wait until I see those and hopefully snap them up.

Hi Viscant. :slight_smile:

Pretty good…I like the site design…professional work ! :tup:

Heh, you REALLY like Cammy. [/Captain Obvious]. Maybe you should split the fighting strat section into different games? The same strats don’t work for every game.

Thanks Snaaaake. I worked pretty hard on it, and the whole site was coded from scratch in HTML with Wordpad, no special WYSIWYG stuff for me.

DaDesiCanadian, yep, that’s one of the next sections I’ll be working on. I actually wrote most of the stuff on that page a long time ago, it also needs a few extra moves to be added, so I’ll work on lots more strategies soon, as well as add a few more pages to the Games section. And yeah, I love Cammy. :slight_smile:

What can I say Moya, I’m very proud of you.

Me…buy him the poster…psh! I’d get it for myself…that and I can’t afford much right now. Maybe a bus pass, but that’s about it.I’m oh so broke currently.

You plan on getting that limited Canon Spike Cammy variant figure? I think eBay may have some. I still need Series 1 for Pete’s sake!

Yeah, I’m really broke these days too, I know how hard it is. All I can afford is a few comics each month, and cheap fruit and vegetables.

I’d love to get the Canon Spike Cammy figure, I had been waiting for months for it, but again, I can’t afford one, and most people will only ship to the USA, including Sota, I think. :frowning: The only figure from Series 1 I have is Chun-Li, I want the others but the only place I’ve ever seen them is comic conventions.