Camp Hill Play N Trade Is proud to present our 2nd Fighting Game Extravaganza on 10/4 @ 6pm


Hello everybody, my name is Tenny and I am the TO over at my local game store Play N Trade located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. Specifically 3437 Simpson Ferry Rd, Camp Hill, PA 17011 it is in a Digiplex with a Cinema Center.

Play N Trade is a growing store that is better then other larger Video Game store chains in quite a few ways. 1, we have Retro games. 2, we have cheaper used games. 3, we give you more games for trade-ins. 4, we have a gaming center as you can see in this link. 5, we throw events like tournaments.

Tournaments like our 2nd Fighting Game Extravaganza which is 3 tournaments for 3 different games in one night. The Extravaganza is happening October 4th at 6pm and will go until it is finished, usually about 10pm.

The games in the Extravaganza will be decided by community vote. There is no limit on the games other than Fighting Games, We just need the capabilities of having a console set up, Preferably two console set ups for said game and it can most definitely happen. Follow this Facebook link to see what others voted for and vote yourself! You can also tell me your votes here.

The consoles used will vary since the games are being voted for and have not been decided yet. It is hard to say exactly what consoles will be used but if there is any cross platform games from the 360/PS3 era we will use 360 except for situations like BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma.

The Price to get in is probably the best part, it is only 10$* to get in if you Pre Register. Follow this PayPal link and you can Pre Register and save 5$*.

The payout is strictly based on how many people we can get to participate in the tournament(s). So, the more people we can get the bigger the payout.

We are close to the CPAFGC Facebook page that you see some nice people advertising on this thread. We are both working together to bring the FGC of Central PA together at last.

*There is a membership you can get with us that is 10$ a year. It comes with many benefits, like it will give you 10% more when you trade-in and 10% less when you buy used games, it is also cheaper to get into our events by 5$ and into our gaming center, you also get a free hour in our gaming center. Here you will find the preregister link for members.