Campaign for Localization!

I’m not sure if any of you have heard so I’ll get everybody up to speed.

As many of you know there are some really good titles out there in Japan for the Wii such as Xenoblade, The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower, Earth Seeker, and quite a few others people really want. Well many fans have been following these games and waiting for translations to happen which in most cases the games just went overlooked.

Xenoblade and The Last Story however have been both announced for the PAL region and Xenoblade has seen a full translation in 7 different languages, including English, French and Spanish however while it has been translated and both have been confirmed for EU neither have been confirmed for NA. This of course didn’t set well with many gamers, which only got worse when many heard Nintendo of Europe was at E3 and ready to show the game but Nintendo of America wouldn’t allow them to present.
Xenoblade Chronicles Not Coming to North America - News - Nintendo World Report

This started a campaign to mail in Nintendo.
xenoblade, the last story, pandora’s tower mail campaign for localization - IGN Boards

And well just check out the links to see what all has happened!
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1UP - Join Operation Rainfall

Also be sure to check out Operation Rainfall as they’re the group thats organized this!

You can find them on facebook at:

If you’re an RPG fan and want to see some good games get localized, join the campaign! Help the cause! Thanks for reading.