Campbell's Tip Of The Day

Well, knowing my track record in keeping threads updated, more like Campbell’s Tip Of Whenever He Feels Like It.



With Bison, do a roundhouse throw. Then walk forward about 1 character space and immediately super jump. Totally ambiguous for the opponent which side you’re going to end up on. Of course, with a little bit of practice in training mode you can control pretty well which side you’re going to land on. From there, low short, low jab, low forward into scissors, CC/lv3, ggpo.

Of course you can also just roundhouse throw them again while they’re trying to block.

That’s kinda the same with Chun Li’s kick throw; if you super jump after it you cross them up with lk … clp,clp,cmpXXsuper … not quite as good as Bison though since his jump is faster and he has more damage potential… good tip:)

What’s ‘ggpo’ mean?

I’'m pretty sure it means “good game, peace out”

Ah, thank you

Nice trick, I do something liike that with Chun’s close

im sort of new to this forum and i played capcom vs snk since the original one, im not familiar with all the abbreviations i just spell it out, so whats cmp (iv been able to guess alot of the abbreviations) or clpxx etc…

c stands for crouching, mp is medium punch… lp = light punch, etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

More of the same but you can do the same with Rolento. After kick throw, step back about one pace and Scouter using either mk for crossup or d+mk for straight up mixup. His crossup isn’t as good as Bison’s or Chun Li’s though.

What’s the next tip of the day???

I actually did mean to post an update yesterday but SRK was down all day. -_- Anyway…


I have a nagging feeling that I’ve posted this already, but with Athena:

Land the command grab, dash/roll, crystal super. Immediately cancel into the finger pointy thingie (which hits) and then release the fireball (which also hits). Then throw a regular jab fireball and immediately roundhouse teleport afterwards.

What happens from there is that your opponent has to block the fireball right when they get up. The guard stun is long enough so that by the time you finish teleporting behind your opponent you can block combo something. The timing’s a little tight to block combo off of the fireball, but the hefty frame advantage is still enough to beat whatever your opponent tries to stick out. From here you can do a simple low short/command grab mix up.

This set up is good for several reasons:

  • It’s almost totally safe. Since you’re teleporting in, wake up supers/uppercut/RCs will go right past you. Things like Ryu’s level 3 hurricane kick super will probably hit you though.

  • Since you hit with a super, the set up is non-tech rollable.

  • Somebody who tries to slow-get up will actually mess themself up more. Not only will the fireball still connect, but they’ll have to block it the other way since Athena will have crossed up the opponent by then. The frame advantage from the fireball will be way higher also since it hit a lot meatier.

In short, totally free attacking after landing a command grab. Do you need anything more?

EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot to mention if the fireball hits the opponent you can combo after it.

I remember this happening to me and it was quite painful… Thx for reminding me. :bluu:

Great tip though.

EDIT: I was thinking of putting an addition here… but then I remembered this is Buktooth’s thread and I think it’d be good if we all kept it that way. More nuggets of wisdom please… and I’ll keep quiet from now on. :slight_smile:

For the bison tip, i like c.fwd, s.strong xx rh scissors, IIRC it does 47 stun and a good amount of damage.

However my question is whether the athena strat works with all levels of that super, S-athena might be a thought after all =P.

Stun Damage is calculated by (damage/100)… with a few exceptions. I’m pretty sure that Bison combo doesn’t do 4700 damage… 3700 more likely. Anyway, low forward into s.strong/low forward is a pretty tough link to get consistently (1 frame link). Low short low jab low forward is easier and gives you more charge time… which you might need because sometimes you surprise yourself on which side you’re gonna land on.

The Athena thing should work with all levels of supers (don’t know for sure though, since I only use her in A groove), but it’s a lot harder to do without a roll or a dash. Rolling or dashing puts you at the perfect distance to hit with the juicy part of the super… which sets up the whole fireball into teleport thing perfectly.

Gah … I play her in P, and her dash is very fast, so I can’t do her super in time. I’ll need to learn how to do hc motions faster. Sounds useful, thanks.


Shotos can utilize the 2p cross up glitch from mid-screen after throwing somebody into the corner. Since Shoto’s throws toss the opponent pretty far you’ll be able to use this almost every time you throw.

Throw, super jump forward, roundhouse Hurricane Kick right before you hit the apex of your jump. Looks really deceptive, since you land the instant before your opponent gets up.

Even if you don’t throw your opponent into the corner you’ll still be able to cross them up with this trick… which you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise since they’re so far away.

Any crossup tricks get neutralized by delayed getup or quick getup or wtf u call it.

Tricks only get u so far against “blah” opponents. Playing safe, knowing all the other characters (thus never being surprised), and having good execution is what u need against good ppl that play smart.


Shut up Geese! THanks. :slight_smile:

Against delayed get up, just delay the cross up a bit, heh. Most situations that can’t be tech rolled safely are already known, so the cross ups come in handy when they stop tech rolling.

Anyway, the main point of a cross up isn’t to hit the opponent (though it’s a nice bonus if you do), it’s for the ability to keep the initiative on with a reduced chance of getting reversal DPed/supered. Even if your opponent knows how to block the cross up, it can be mixed up several different ways.

Anyway, these are more than just parlor tricks. These are proven game winning strats and maneuvers that are used by the best players, against the best players.


After Todo’s low jab, RC grab or sweep is totally 50/50. Whatever avoids the grab, the sweep will counter and vice versa. Since Todo’s low jab gives +6 and his sweep comes out in 8 frames, the 2 frame gap in between isn’t enough time for any of the generic anti-RC grab counters to work… namely, throwing and jumping straight up. The sweep will snag the jump before the opponent even leaves the ground, and the fastest throws (not counting Gief SPD and super grabs) come out in 3 frames.

Basically, after any grab, go right into sweep if you don’t have CC/level 2 ready. Dash over opponent’s body, low jab into sweep/rc grab 50/50 mix up, repeat. You can also omit the low jab if you want but the timing is harder.

Oh yeah, the opponent can back dash/forward dash out of a grab but that’s really difficult in a reversal situation.

Todo just got gayer.