Campcom store chargebacks?


hi there just a question.

a online buddy of mine, says he will buy me madcatz te stick in exchange of a online game account.

he has already showed me its payed, with, invoice, receipt, and now with a tracking number.

he used the shipping: UPS saver.

his paying via credit card.

now incase he tries something fishy and tries to scam me, for example do a charge back, what will happend to this product?

i already gave him the account information, of the online acc i sold him.

im from australia btw.

the product already started to be shipped:
20/07/2009 19:18 ARRIVAL SCAN
20/07/2009 18:53 ORIGIN SCAN

please i need your support and thoughts guys.


if he’s your buddy then why would he scam you? Unless of course you really dont know the guy very well or something


just an online buddy that i meet for sometime now. so do u have any thoughts on what might if this chargeback occurs?


if he’s an online buddy and you have doubt I honestly wouldnt have gone through with the deal then. But since you have here’s what I believe.

You gotta see if he actually sends you the stick now. From the tracking info given, he has the stick shipped to himself correct? If thats the case you just have to hope he sends it your way. If not… tough luck man.

If you have the item in hand he shouldn’t be able to get his money back/return the item if he doesnt have the item. They aren’t going to give him a refund until they get their merchandise back. But it looks like he sent it to himself for now.


thanks for the reply bro.

but here is the catch. the item is being shipped directly to me as i requested it.
shipped to my address in Australia.

even screen shots he sent, also he gave me the capcom store account on which the item was bought, in it provides billing info, invoice.

and he recived an email with tracking number etc. he aslo sent that to me. a screen shot of it in his mailbox, it has the details of:
>product name
>serial number
>tracking number

am i still on the risk of being scammed and not getting my item if he still chargesback even though i gain acces to all these details and information?


So… why didn’t you just sell this friend your online game account and buy the stick yourself?


cuz he registered his credit card to paypal with fake details because it was his first time using it.

(we all do that if we want to register quickly etc)

basicly he doesnt remember all the infos needed to fix the paypal account. so he uses googlecheckout instead.

i myself don use google checkout, i only use paypal.

so i found capcom store and i needed sticks, so i asked him if he can buy the product for me etc.


guys anymore thoughts?


He seems genuine by giving you all that info but you never know. The whole ordeal seems to reek of poor choices though. I mean registering paypay with bogus details?

just wait it out man. You can’t do much anymore, things have been said and done.


Couldn’t he just have registered a new account with paypal with legit details…?


the paypay was done, long time ago though.

and he uses google checkout to buy g-coins for this game:

yes i sold him a gunbound account. good ranks.

anyway any idea howlong UPS SAVER shipping take to get to Australia? its like a $80 shipping must have its advantages.

this is my last question.
is it still chargeback- able? even if its already started shipping and already billed.
dont hey ment to have a acceptable reason to charge back,k i mean if he does, i have conversations and screen shots etc.




to answer your question. YES it is chargebackable. If he claims he never received the product from capcom and can prove it that is.

So the simple answer is yes its possible. Its also possible he used a stolen card, in which case youll probably have police at yor door

but hey those are just possibilities :stuck_out_tongue:


Arrival scan does not mean delivered. It’s en route to its destination. It will say delivered when it is delivered.


anyway so far so good, im just excited cuz this is my 1st official stick, branded by a company.

any way the status is now:


wht if charge back occurs during this status? its already been release by the clearing agency :S

u think they can still cease the item?

thanks for the help and support of thoughts.

any chance the item can arrive today its only 11:15 nearly afternoon.

buisness days finishes at 5 - 6pm?


Call me crazy, but this reeks of you trying to scam capcom.


how in the hell he can scam capcom, when they need to proof first his friend’s credit card, get the money then ship out the TE. No manner what capcom got their money. the only person can get scam is if the credit card is stolen.

Man some ppl dont think first.


Wow dude, stop worrying so much about anything. Just wait and see, stop killing your brain with worries that won’t lead you to anything.


So you do not trust your friend that badly?


^ Sounds like it, jdm.

Guy gave him the tracking info, it shows in transit, yet he’s still paranoid that he’s going to get ripped off.