Can 3 frame DPs be safe jumped?


Or rather, how to safe jump E. Ryu?


It depends a lot on your character. Traditional safe jumps don’t work on 3-frame reversals, but there are exceptions like Makoto, where at specific ranges she can safe jump. I’d suggest going to your character’s forum and looking there for specific setups.


Yeah, true safe jumps don’t work. You can bait them with empty jumps but if you stick out a move you’ll eat it. 3f safe jumps are more like setups designed to make them whiff in some way.


you’d have to do it so the dp connects at later frames and not the first.


Very few characters can. I believe in AE, Cody had a safe jump setup that worked on 3-framers off of either a front or back throw, and then you simply hold up-forward to jump.

Otherwise, most people have safe jump setups designed to go behind their opponent if they do a reversal and let it whiff, or hit them out of it.


Which character are you using?


Guile / Viper


Not that im good or anything but i played Cody and im pretty sure it was safe from 4-frame reversals not 3.


Really? I recall it being 3, and it was odd, because no other character could do that. Meh shrugs


NO actually you’re right. It was a rare safe jump, considered to be 3-frame (even though theres no true 3-frame safe jumps) because it could infact be safe against ryu/ken/Evil Ryu DP. Didnt work on Oni/Akuma and it would only work if used in very specific conditions based on your spacing when you jump. Also it did not work in the corner. Something to do with being far away and causing hit detection to add a frame of latency to the dp i dont quite remember how this crazy shit works tbh.


With Viper, you can get an ambiguous cross-up that’s hard to reversal after she does a back throw. Take a slight step backwards and then jump in with hard kick. Press afterwards for a very easy hit confirm into combo.


This might be only semi-related to this thread, but most reversals beat meaties, right? I’ve seen and had safe jumps work to avoid being hit by most dps, but trying to time moves like Cody cl.hp to stuff shoto wake up uppercuts seems impossible.

So basically…why and when would I bother trying to use a meaty attack to stop my opponent from using reversals? I wanna pressure niggas when I score a knockdown instead of baiting all the time.

Trying to use Cody/Dictator currently if that means anything.


Meaties are used to prevent your opponent from pressing a button on wakeup. If Ryu wakes up with shoryuken you can’t stuff it unless your move is more invincible than their move.

Meaties > Buttons
Reversals > Meaties
Buttons > Various options like throw or delayed attack

“Buttons” would most likely be a crouch tech or throw, but sometimes people will just wakeup with standing fierce for seemingly no reason.

As for why you should use them: Cody gets stupid stuff like linking into Ultra off of meaty attacks. Not sure if Bison benefits very much from them.