Can a HRAP EX be made to work on the PS3


This is the second time im posting here for a solution. Now, i know that there are threads here explaining the cuthulu, etc. but I just dont get it. Could someone please be kind enough to answer these questions I have, and please, be very specific

  1. I have a HRAP EX for the 360. Can it be modded to work with the PS3 as well ??
  2. What exactly would this mod involve ? Any Links?
  3. Has anyone successfully done this on their HRAP EX/360 specific sticks?

Will appreciate any help i can get.


You’d need a whole new 360 PCB as well as a PS3 one because the stock Hori PCB is not suitable for dual modding if I remember correctly.


Anything is hackable, but with that PCB it’d be a bitch to the point of not worth it. It would require so much work and parts to make happen that it’d be cheaper and easier to get a MadCatz fightstick (SE or TE) and use that instead.


Hey, I am in the same boat.

I want to make my EX work for dual systems for tournaments and whatnot. I have been in PMs with people, and here is the best solution I have come up with.

  1. Obtain a Madcats or Microsoft (wired) controller or PCB. Do the same for PS3/2 (converters available).
  2. Follow the regular steps to make a stick work on dual systems.

Thats about it man. EX is a good stick for just xbox use. Dual system… your basically gutting the thing.

That said - I still plan on making my EX dual system. But I am looking for help. I have never modded a controller or stick aside from button replacement. If anyone can give some pointers, or even have a reference I can ship parts/money to to get a dual pcb going for me… I would appreciate it.

I found the threads of people who were taking orders, but all are filled up / not taking orders at this time.