Can a monitor make a difference on execution

For the last couple years I’ve been playing all my fighting games on a 46" Panasonic Plasma. However, I picked up a VH236HF from newegg and moved the 360 to my room. In practice mode with Ibuki, I’m able to pull off things much more consistently than I could before. Nothing else has changed. Is it possible that the lag was causing me that much headache and I didn’t even know it?

It’s definitely possible. I know it’s not 100% the same situation, but I play a lot of beatmania IIDX, and when I went from a laggy setup to a nonlaggy setup, I got a lot more precise at the game, despite being used to playing with the lag on my old setup.


if your monitor is really laggy, then you’ll always feel off

heres an example

Not a tv lag.