Can Adon cover normal wake up and DWU?



Hey folks,

I am curios if Adon is one of the few chars that is able to cover both wake up timings on reaction … on theory it should be possible … how practical it is … I don’t know!?

Adons light AJK has a start up timinig of 14 frames … so you can basically delay your safe jump with 14 frames before the active frames of AJK hits. The question is now if it is possible to react to the “technical” pop up from DWU to input the AJK instead of the regular safe jump. I think it is possible.

This should at least work with:

F.Throw --> Dash --> jump in HK or light AJK
B.Throw --> step back --> jump in MK/MP or light AJK (character specific)
Sweep --> cr.lp --> jump in HK or light AJK

DWU is 11 frames … so you have a 3 frame gap and will 100% hit with the 4 active frame of light AJK … which will make it safe and you will be +x on block (should be +5/6 … needs testing) … for sure it will lose against invincible reversal DPs.

Similar scenario with EX AJK … it has 11 frames of start up and will cover perfectly the DWU timing + 2nd hit is overhead.

On paper it looks like a viable option to keep the pressure if the opp. is using DWU on your hard knock downs.

Anyone already using it in matches ? Any thoughts ?