Can any snk characters be competitive with the top tier?


Whenever I hear about the top tiers in this game, its always Sagat, Blanka, and Cammy possibly followed by Bison, Vega, and maybe A-Sakura (and now Guile?). I’m getting the impression that if you want to be competitive at this game at even a fairly high level of play, you need to pick Capcom characters. Is that how it is, or are there some snk characters that have been actually been used to win tournaments every now and then? I’ve heard that Geese is pretty good (for an SNK character) and I’ve been trying to learn him. Are there any other noteworthy SNK characters? I like to pick those guys but at the same time, it would be comforting to know that someone had some success with some of them.


Well let’s see… Hibiki is good in A and N for sure, possibly K. Kyo is good in low jump grooves. Iori is good in N, C, and A. Yamazaki is good in C. Geese is good in K and A (actually, pretty much any groove). Todo is good in A. Rock is good in K.

There’s a bunch more that are arguable. In Japan I’ve seen insane Yuris and Joes. But at the scrubby American level, the best are probably the ones above.


What Gunter Says.

Yamazaki and Geese are probably the easiest in terms of time needed to get to a competitve level.


Rock can be decent… i like him in K, C, and P grooves in that order… he’s hard to learn properly

Hibiki is good against blanka

Geese can guard crush you really fast and deal a shitload of damage with or without super, his crossup is too good, and a lvl 3 raging storm will kill almost any character.

kyo can do a lot of damage with his bnb’s and has a really good mixup game on wakeup… low jump down fierce and low jump straight up roundhouse are really good.

iori is a beast… once you get in to the right zone you can rush the shit out of people with iori

yamazaki can kick you in the face

nakoruru, haohmaru in p groove is dope, athena, joe, chang, mai, rugal, and terry are all good as well


I think Iori is a low tier piece of shit. Yes, his CC’s are very stylish and difficult, but why would I want to do 7700 damage at most when I can just do braindead DP’s with Sakura over and over again for 9000+ everytime?

BAS’s method of reasoning (just my assumption):

Hey, I really like Akuma. I’m going to use him in A-groove. (Fights Blanka doing RC Balls over and over)

Ok, Akuma is horrible. Iori is way cooler. (Fights Honda doing RC headbutts over and over)

Fuck that, I’m using Blanka from now on :lol:.

Any character that can’t easily deal with RC Honda or Blanka is not even worth using as far as I’m concerned. SNK characters —> CVS Value cola as opposed to Pepsi/Coke, Shop Rite brand snack cakes as opposed to Zebra Cakes.

In order from top to bottom, I think Kyo, Hibiki, Geese, Yamazaki, Raiden, Yuri are the best SNK charcters. Yes, I would rather use C/A Yuri than any groove Iori.


Umm… Iori’s best groove is N. Undoubtedly. Request to play Buktooth first round at Evolution and if you can walk away saying Iori is a low tier piece of shit, I’ll buy you a cookie.


Athena in her N groove is a great force in her own right. That annoying crouching fierce can just about stop any attempts for a poking game since that move has an overexaggerated amount of priority. Her Phoenix Fang Arrow takes off such a chunk of block damage…

Yuri and Mai can also hold their own, just like Rock, Terry, and especially Nakoruru. It all depends on the person…In the right hands, anyone can be a lethal weapon.


dayum…i lost a lil respect for kcxj when he said that…come on…iori a low tier piece of shit. i’ll be happy to say he is middle tier, but yuri>iori…i guess so:confused: :rolleyes:


I’d say Mai is a very solid character, but not many people know about her. Geese and Yamazaki are obviously two of the top SNK characters… About Iori, I’d rank Iori over Kyo. Then there’s Nak and Todo… After that the characters are average.


TERRY:mad: ! R. Tackle traps forever!!!


i think kyo’s ground game is better then iori’s, and makoto’s
p-kyo is hella crazy!!:smiley:


If anybody wants to teach me how to play a high level A-Iori (and actually win consistently) I’d be more than willing to learn. Otherwise, I’ve given up on that character already :bluu:.

p.s. I suck too much to use N-groove. Also, I’ll play Buk in casual for sure, but I’m no idiot… don’t want to play him in tourney until I have to (his underbite intimidates me).


i ain’t sayin i would use him over some other people…i just think he is better than piece of shit, hehe.

my friend went up to mass. for mtn. bike racing, i wish i coulda gone up to that area n played you in CvS2. Nobody really likes playin in the south.

SNK characters…hmmm…hibiki, kyo, rugal, kim and geese are the top SNK contenders…I feel like they can compeat just as good as street fighter characters for the most part.


Well it is nice to know that while there are no SNK characters actually IN the top tier, there are a handful that can at least hang with the main capcom guys. I’d like to pick up Geese but I can’t do a raising storm to save my life so maybe Kyo would be better for me…

…What’s this about Yuri actually being a pretty high-ranked character?? All this time I thought she was a joke character (e.g. Dan)! So Yuri is better than Ryo? Can someone explain this?


Um, I was DAMN convinced that Yamazaki N-groove was top tier… I had the impression this was well known… O_O?


I’ve seen really dirty RC Vices.


Iori’s a very good offensive character. He’s not as good as Kyo, but he isn’t ranked that much behind him either. How could anyone say he’s low-tier? If someone’s doing RC Blanka Balls and Honda Headbutts, you just RC back!

Rugal’s one of my main characters, and I feel he’s one of the most underestimated in the US. He’s not top-tier, but he’s got so many damn ways of setting up his “off-the-wall” combos that deal 90% damage, more or less.

Chang’s a good mid-tier character, too. In fact, Viscant even won a tournament with him. You just need to know how to RC Choi and the spinning ball, and how to use his command grab properly.

EDIT- Oh yeah, don’t forget Joe. Now that guy is solid. Can’t ignore that sick TK priority.


Hmm, where does Benimaru fit in these tiers?


Yuri can deal with Sagat really well IMO… maybe mine is insane? RC Blanka still needs to be cured though.

Kyo’s ground game may be a bit better, ah fug it, Buktooh’s thread on stuff he learned from Japan had the discussion on why iori is better… and he is better. :stuck_out_tongue: Besides, why play as a karate kid when you can be a pimp!? Gunter, can you explain why N-Iori is better than A-Iori? I must’ve missed that whole decision. N-Iori IS good, but psychologically he can’t be as good as A. He doesn’t really need the little extra mobility. I dunno.

Anyways, I’m all for people willing to pick up Yuri and play her seriously. I’m really poud of my Yuri. I should make plans for a trip to Japan soon…


So Iori’s better than Kyo… again? I know Buktooth stated they’re both good rushing characters for their own reasons, but he said that? Is that what everyone in Japan thinks? Because Iori hasn’t been up on anyone’s second-tier listings here for a while now. That’s really good to hear; now we have still one popular SNK character up there to shut the fanboys up. :lol:

About N-Iori,… I dunno, maybe that extra mobility allows him to keep the pressure on more than A? That’s why I was contemplating making the switch to N for a while now, since I remembered it had counter movement. “Let’s see you DP CC on my powered Rugal now, Sak! Hah!”