Can anyone color in an image?

Id like to have an image colored in for a new avatar. Its not Honda related, its some penciled in characters that I want colored in. I ve done a colored edition using colored pencil, but I have a B/W original, I think with computer aided coloring, and effects, it’d be nice. Any takers?

Im a noob at colorin but Id like to try, get me on AIM.

If you dont have aim, get it.

hey bro next time you need an avatar ill hook you up since your a fellow hondaluva and all hit me up on aim at hondaluva8 man i want to ask you some questions

Yeah, thats good and all but what the fuck is AIM? Is it some shit thats gonna have Instant Messages popping up when I surf? Or if theres another way to contact?

aol instant messanger and no you just put your away message on and no one will bother you