Can anyone confirm Mega Man X can charge his buster?



I know it’s very early and we don’t have much gameplay of him, but does anybody know some insider info on simple information if he can charge his Buster in this game?

Moved: Can anyone confirm Mega Man X can charge his buster?

From what I’ve seen he can only charge it while he’s stationary.


I mean… if Megaman could charge his and Zero [whos been known for his saber since X4] can charge his then I feel like it’s a safe bet to say X will be able to do what Megaman and Zero did in the MvC games prior to this one.


I would really love if Capcom would change it. Maybe we should kinda raise our voice on this one. Moving while charging is not only iconic to Mega Man series but also to the Mega Men and Zero in the Versus series games.

Besides, Capcom is going for “accessability”. Having it on QCF+HP and not being able to move is less “accessable” than simply holding LP or HP and then letting go when you want. It’s easier.

Even if X does have other options, I fear the charge shot (which is like the most iconic move of most Mega Men) will leave him wide open. It will be hard or even impossible to use this move competitively. This is MVC not SFV (looking at you Urien). In MVC you stand stationary trying to charge something and you’re going to be punished hard in the blink of an eye.


I’m still going to be shocked if he doesn’t follow the same concept as Zero and Megaman before him.


I’m fine with roster now. I have cooped up. I just need a movable charge and a proper Dante to get me going.