Can anyone do the cr. MK link ultra consistently yet?

Seems like this is an important part of Blanka because it’s the only way to hit confirm his ultra (off a focus crumple, that is.) Can anyone who can do this consistently share any timing tricks? Or do we not have anyone who can do it yet?

You gotta pretty much put in the final Ultra input just at the last frames of the c.forward come out. If you try to cancel it you’ll never hit. I personally find I get a nicer window to input after a j.rh/fierce into c.forward…although I have no scientific/frame explanation for that (more stun? enh. I dunno what I am talking about now).

If the opponent’s body isn’t deep in the hit stun animation after c.forward when the Ultra activates, you can pretty much tell you won’t hit. If the opponent is shoved too far away, which happens, you won’t hit.

Practice Practice Practice

I can do it training mode alright enough.

I can get it 80% of the time in training mode, and much higher if doing j.RK, c.FK, ultra like Sosage mentioned. In matches though, not so much.

I just look at it like any other link in the game, time it so the last input for the ultra is hit just as the c.FK hits. Works for me.

70% in matches now, 0% in finals lol

i get it off about 70% of the time like Mullah. i find it easiest to link after a crumple for some reason.

Like you guys I hit it more from j.HK. I don,t try it often in a match though. In training I can do it with ease :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m at about 30%.

I did it in a tourny 7 months ago!
It matters to me dammit!!!

Does anyone here try to do it off a single hit confirm? Or only as a part of a combo? Or c. lk x2 as that would give you more time.

I’ve done it once or twice successfully… Really, I don’t even try it.

One of you hit this on me on xbl directly after canceling a ball into super. So much LOL and sooo much destruction

Sometimes I will try to fish for counter hit with my c. mk and if it connects, easy ultra. :slight_smile: counter hit frames ftw.

jus takes timing, i dont do it after crumble tho. Personally, i like 2 throw in a couple empty j.HK(or MK or HP, etc) , c.MK. after ur opponent is trained 2 that rhythm hit him with all you got!!!
If you dont get the timing down ur opponent may be caught off guard nd u will get the ultra any way. it does the same damage either way. 600.

This. or linking another after the counter hit. then linking ultra. dirty.