Can anyone download Youtube vids at the moment?

None of the programs i have seem to work anymore, apparently youtube switched it up sometime last month?

This sounds likely related to the new functionality of the Adobe Media Server 3.0… ?

EDIT: Found article – reference is “make it harder to copy streaming media”.

just tried downloading a video with after reading this and it worked fine, might want to give it a spin

:tup: No problem download for me. Here’s how I do it:

It also works on other video sites like VEOH & Stage6divx… dood!

that worked man, but the .flv file that comes out won’t play with vlc player. do i have to convert it first? i used to be able to just leave them as flv

get a GOM media player. it plays EVERYTHING!

Hmm… the only thing I can think of is if you renamed the flv file when you downloaded. DownloadHelper usually has the file name as some crazy number like “file-27862387.flv” whenever you download a vid. If you did rename it before saving it just make sure you add .flv to the end of the file name. Like say this vid:

If you want to renamed it to “infrared fart vid” make sure it’s renamed as “infrared fart vid.flv”. :wonder: If that’s not the problem then I don’t know what it could be since I don’t use VLC Player… dood!