Can anyone duel mod a standard ps3 controller for 360?

Can anyone duel mod a standard ps3 controller for 360?

Are you in Japan?

So cal - near LACC

Thinking about ways that mod could work, it is somewhere between difficult and impossible. If anybody could do it try looking for Gummowned in the trading outlet.

That is hard to do man.
I don’t think anyone has done yet.

Go check out Gummowned.

I’ll check with Gummowned - thanks for the helps.

whats the purpose of dual modding a ps3 controller when they have cheap lag free ps2 converters? Not trying to shit on your topic, but maybe i’m missing something.

I’m just really close to this particular controller


If gummowned say he can’t do it, then you may try to commision ben heckendorn, but I don’t see this happening unless you are willing to pay him more than $200.

Thanks, as long as it works…

Ben Heck is so crazy with modifications.

Wow, you would spend more than $200 to have a working?

Hmm, perhaps a project I may try in the future. For now, yeah ben heck is probably your best bet but he’s hella expensive.

I’ve bought sticks for the same price before. MAS sticks were 200+, I wouldn’t mind paying… as long as it works, wireless.

Yes, I buy expensive things too.
I just bought one Ball Top for $100.
I just bought Buttons at $12 for each.

I want to see your Controller if Ben Heck does it for you.

Coolio - I’ll post it.

I think you’re overly optimisitic. :slight_smile: Just fitting one inside a DS3 case would be maddening, much less the additional work getting it wired up. I can’t even imagine the work involved. Replacing the innards with a 360 board? Sure, been done. But dual modding a SIXAXIS/DS3 with a wireless 360 pad? Months of work IMHO.

buy a Xconverter Pro and deal with the lack of wireless on 360: $30
Forget dualmodding and hack RDC do an innard swap so you have a DS3 controller with 360 innards: $400 IIRC, easily could be more
Dual modding a single double wireless pad? Nuh-uh. It’d have to be in the thousands.

I was thinking along the lines of using 30 gauge wire on the output pins and a db-25 to a project box, containing leoboard and 360 pcb as opposed to fitting it all in a Dualshock 3.

Yeah, seems like a lot of work and the small space can be the biggest issue. Well if anyone figures it out, I’m in the market.

The only things I can think of is 1) what rtdzign just said. 2) Gut the sixaxis pcb out and fit a 360 TE pcb inside.